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What is Astrology? For me, it is a way of connecting how we feel on the inside with what happens in our life. It helps me make sense of the world we live in, which in the darkest moments, can feel scary and chaotic. Astrology has been practised for thousands of years and formed some of the earliest science. It is a combination of accurate scientific information, and intuitive interpretation based on a spiritual connection with the Universe above us. There is no right or wrong way for you to feel about it, or to use it in your life, other than these two golden rules: Never let your destiny be decided by anybody but yourself. Never use Astrology to accept behaviour from somebody else that causes you damage. You are far too precious for that. There is never an excuse, astrologically or earthly, for any person causing harm.

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Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto – that transformative and powerful planet – is about to make a move that could shake things up for individuals and society as a whole. This March, mysterious Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius, and come January 2024, Pluto will firmly plant itself there, where it plans to stay put until 2043. That’s a long time for any planet to hang out in one spot, and you can bet your lucky stars that it’ll have a significant impact on us all.

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Saturn in Pisces

Saturn’s next transit is Pisces, so it promises a time of great significance in the world of creativity. If we look back to the last occurrence of this event and ponder upon the lessons that Saturn taught us back then, we can prepare for this celestial journey once more. What can we expect from this sobering and stabilising influence in one of the most free-willed and creative signs of the zodiac? Pisces energy is hypnotic and tends to make a habit of helping those caught up in her oceans to get lost in the depths of their own world.

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