Who is j Cainer

About J Cainer (Jemima Cainer)

Who are we:
We are a team of the late Jonathan Cainer’s family who have come together to share Astrology with you. Some of us prefer to remain anonymous, some of us (like Jemima) are a little more outspoken but we always work together to ensure that what we put out is aligned with the planets and our heart’s intent to provide people with a message of hope, empowerment and inner strength.
We provide Astrological guidance to inspire hope and positivity to all and to ensure that we generate a message promoting peace and prosperity and always from a place of love.

Who is Jemima Cainer:
Jemima is the 3rd daughter of the late Jonathan Cainer. Born in June 1990 to Jon and his partner Melanie she is a typical Cancerian.
Tragically Jemima was involved in a Car accident that killed her mother in 1992. She was then raised by her Dad, and absorbed Astrology through Osmosis thanks to the fact that her Dad Jonathan worked almost entirely from the family kitchen!
Jemima often had trouble sleeping and developed a special bond with her Father during those nights where she would come downstairs to find him working. She recalls regularly sitting with him as he wrote the stars and on clear nights he would wrap her in his velvet coat and take her to the bottom of the garden and show her the planets.
When Jemima got older she developed a rebellious streak and tried very hard to live a conventional life away from her Dad’s career and unconventional lifestyle. In lots of ways she managed it, studying law, getting a ‘normal Job’ and settling down to start a family with her partner who she shares a birthday with!
When her Dad died in 2016 Jemima was grief stricken. She says “the day after he passed I had lots of ‘conversations’ with him. I really felt him with me and this helped me cope with the loss and shock. When I decorated his funeral car I could practically hear him laughing at me trying to sellotape fairy lights up in the hearse and finding it creepy. I felt like it was his way of telling me things were going to be ok.”

“Recently I have felt his presence more and more. I spent a lot of time over the last few years telling him to shut up (especially when I was in the middle of cooking tea for my three children or trying to sleep!) but eventually, whilst walking with my own daughter and two sons near the sea, I took the time to tune into what he was saying. He asked if I was ready to share some hope and goodness to the world through astrology yet and wanted to know what the hold up was – even from the other side he is a typical Sagittarius and probably couldn’t resist the challenge of turning his most straight talking child into an Astrologer!
What I know about my Dad is that despite his quirks and his self proclaimed ‘superficial seeming optimism’ he cared deeply about his family and his followers. I hope I can share even just a little of the magic he showed me as a child with the world.
With my team around me now I am excited to say that yes Dad – I AM READY!”

J Cainer Astrology is ready to share this gift that was given to Jemima with you, and to bring you hope, guidance and empowerment.