Virgo Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on Virgo Personality:

My Dad used to say about Virgo: The Virgo Spirit is essentially a healing spirit. Virgos want nothing more (or less) than true physical and emotional wellbeing for all their fellow humans.” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Virgo sign traits

Healing, methodical, down to earth, caring, wise

Typically associated with maternal/paternal care and sage advice

Virgo personality insights from Jemima Cainer:

Virgos are life’s greatest teachers. They have a mission to inform and educate, but they don’t enforce this agenda with old school lecturing. Instead they lead those around them by gentle, consistently perfect example. Virgos are gifted with impeccable understanding and insight. They have a knack for great timing. They are also the most reasonable people and are renowned for their analytical skills which are second to none. 

A Virgo is often riddled with searing self doubt, which is partly what stops them from abusing their incredible powers of intuition and intellect. They are steady, and extremely sensual. They are life’s natural risk assessors – they make a backup plan and check for ‘worst case scenarios’ in everything they do. They just need to have a carefully planned framework for everything – and that’s ok because they are almost always proven right! Virgo’s unbelievable efficiency and organisational skills combine to show somebody who looks like a well oiled machine. People can’t help but be impressed at their methodical approach to life.

On the inside though, Virgos often tend to feel that they are never enough. They have to check and question to make sure that things make sense to them before they take action. This patience rewards them in many ways. They themselves have great patience and great kindness to others. They are sociable, and amenable people who are deeply thoughtful and incredibly helpful! 

What should you know if your sign is Virgo

Virgos have immense emotional intelligence. They know the inner workings of their fellow humans very well because they can’t help but check everything and everybody into their frame of reference. They apply this to themselves as well and can have a habit of treating their body a bit like a very temperamental machine. They often have a discerning approach to what they fuel themselves with! Virgo’s have gotten a bit of a reputation for being ‘neat freaks’. Not all of them fit this description and live like Mrs Hinch (though many do!). Virgos all get a cosmic reassurance from making things right and applying a system that works. Even the messiest Virgos live in genuinely well organised chaos!

This sense of calm and aspirational tidiness gets applied to a Virgos relationships too. Sometimes the habit of overthinking can make Virgos nervous about making the necessary leap of faith. But they are also incredibly sensual people and they deserve what they crave which is to be absolutely adored!  

Virgos have an uncanny ability to suss people out very quickly. They hold immense power in their observations and instincts and sometimes they are secretly a bit afraid of this. They know that they see through every facade, straight down to the insecure core of the person they are dealing with and with a few carefully chosen words could use that power destructively. That’s an enormous amount of power to reckon with and exactly why it is bestowed on Virgo people. Because they are the ones that will choose to use their gifts with the greatest amount of  wisdom, kindness and responsibility. My Dad used to say that, ‘the only reason Virgos don’t rule the world is because they’re so harsh on themselves.’

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Virgo Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have a gorgeous efficiency in the way you do everything! This makes you incredibly effective because you employ all of your immense analytical skill in a methodical way to ensure everything you do is your best. This helps you to help people but that’s not the only reason they keep you around. You are also warm and kind and usually have a wicked sense of humour too. You are patient and steady and deserve all the luxury that you secretly crave! On a Bad day: You can become a bit insular and internally fussy. If something’s not quite right then everything in the whole system can quickly feel wrong too. You can’t help but stop and fix it and try to puzzle out why it’s all your fault. Spoiler alert - it’s not! This hypercritical thinking doesn’t get you anywhere but in a spin. Sometimes you put up with far too much. Don’t let your desire to help turn you into a martyr in the name of getting things perfect.
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