Taurus Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on Taurus:

 My Dad wrote of Taurus:

“A Taurean’s greatest gift is their empathy with the natural world. Taureans cannot help but appreciate the majesty and magnificence of creation and so they strive, in all they do, to emulate the beauty and strength they see in nature. Taureans are loyal, consistent and blessed with a powerful ability to inspire others to reach new heights.’ ( Jonathan Cainer, 1997)

Personality Traits of Taurus

Tenacious, strong willed, grounded, sensual. A Taurus is a natural caregiver with a big heart and love for the world.

Taurus personality insights from Jemima Cainer

‘Taureans are tenacious’, he continued…

 That they are! When a Taurean works out what they want, they won’t stop until they get it. Taureans are also discriminating – no not like that! They just want the best. They know it when they see it and they set out to get it. Like the bull they were named after, once a Taurus sets their target, their head goes down and their determination kicks in. Taureans are efficient, and down to earth. They also have a lovely creative side and a beautiful connection with nature. Sometimes they can be moody, but it’s a small price to pay for their company, which is, like all they seek in life, the best!

What should you know if your sign is Taurus

Taureans not only love luxury, they insist on it. This applies to all realms in their life. They seek the finest foods, the best wines, the grandest and most comfortable furniture. A Taurus can put up with less, they are able to make do temporarily. They are grounded and have a wholesome quality. But the pursuit of luxury and all things good is never far away, and Taureans will work hard to get it. Taureans are known for their stability. It’s what they crave. Taurus is ruled by Venus. This might seem strange for such an Earthly sign but it’s what gives Taurean’s their creativity and incredible sensuality.This makes them brilliant lovers. Taurus people can become real collectors, of both physical objects and experiences and memories. They love sweet experiences and sweet food. It’s not that you’re greedy, it’s just this appreciation of all things fine can sometimes lead to a bit of overindulgence – and I am not talking about food anymore.

Sometimes you might find yourself becoming overly fixated on attaining the best items for your collection. It is really important that you don’t apply this desire towards possession to the people you love. You crave stability and you are very good at making sure that you have this in your life – you inspire this great quality in the people around you. You may find you need a goal to work towards to make sure you focus this earthly energy.

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Taurus Personality in a nutshell

At your best: Taurean’s have many admirable qualities and deserve their many admirers. You have a tenacious persistence and a grounded energy that makes you a reliable friend. At times Taureans have been accused of being a little self indulgent - and why not?! When things go wrong you might find it difficult to give in - that persistence can tip into stubbornness and there may be times you struggle to imagine how you could possibly let go - of ideas, people or your precious collections!
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