Scorpio Personality traits

Jonathan Cainer on Scorpio:

My Dad described Scorpio like this: “A Scorpio’s mission is to discover the truth and awaken others to it. Scorpios are thus blessed with sharp minds, yet sharper instincts and still sharper tongues. As, however, there can be no truth without understanding and no understanding without compassion, the Scorpio personality itself is not in fact sharp but endlessly, vulnerably soft.”

Scorpio Sign Traits

Powerful, trustworthy, loyal, empathetic, psychic energy

Scorpios are typically associated with high emotional intelligence and deep insights

Scorpio personality insights from Jemima Cainer

Scorpios are not just soft. They are luxuriously soft. But only on the inside. Externally, they have a calm and detached disposition, a sharp sting, and a directness that has a way of getting them exactly what they want. They are the Zodiac’s straightest talkers, unafraid of taboo and finding it amusing when others get nervous about talking about stuff that might be considered ‘private’. Scorpios often hide this controversial side unless they are in trustworthy company, and so have gotten a reputation for being secretive. They are discerning about who they let in because they are the most passionate sign. They live to love and love to live. Scorpios are interested in pursuing real depth to relationships. They have a deep inner well of emotional power and a knowing awareness of this that can make people a little uneasy. Scorpio’s can see what is really going on under the surface, and will draw this out. 

What should you know if your sign is Scorpio

Scorpios look for the best in every experience, and throw themselves intensely towards the pursuit of all pleasure. A Scorpio loves to be approved of and accepted. And understood too. It’s not easy to carry the sort of power that a Scorpio has. They are able to deliver a fatal sting but they are exceptionally loyal and once you have demonstrated that you deserve their trust, they will show you their very sensitive and intuitive side. Scorpio’s are the most resilient and adaptable sign. They are able to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties and make it look like it was nothing. They employ this great resilience to ensure their surroundings are safe from any threat and are also dedicated to unpuzzling everybody they encounter. There is not a situation or somebody that a Scorpio can’t suss out completely. Their deep sensitivity means that if their fragile hearts suffer a break they find it almost impossible to forgive, and even harder to forget. Sometimes they cover up how deep they run by ignoring their own feelings and seeking solace in numbness. Sometimes your commitment to guarding yourself and shutting out the world can lead to you becoming a bit jealous. Not envious of what others have, just aware of your own inner resources and ensuring they are not poured out where they aren’t going to be appropriately appreciated. Your inner world is so important to you it can lead you to forget to break through and explore what else is out there and this is what makes people think of you as ‘secretive’.Scorpio’s are born fighters. It’s not that they go out of their way to find them, or to pick them on purpose. It’s just that when something isn’t right, or the truth hasn’t been told, they can’t rest until it’s resolved! When a Scorpio commits they are committed to the long term, and employ all of their astounding emotional resolve and brilliantly sensitive insights to ensure that what they work at benefits them with great rewards.

Scorpio Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have an unchallengeable determination that you use passionately to get what you need. You have unimaginable strength and an incredible ability to renew yourself and return, still fighting from rock bottom seeming situations. When you love anything you do it with absolute passion and you are so sensitive that you have almost unrivalled intuitive strength. You are amazing Scorpio, and though you keep this to yourself, those close enough to see it are truly blessed to be in your company! On a bad day: Your walls are high but they are well worth the climb. Once somebody has surmounted them they better not cross you - you are immensely powerful and when provoked, can deliver the worst sting of the zodiac and exact revenge!
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