Sagittarius Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on sagittarius: 

My dad said of Sagittarius: “The Sagittarian quest is for spiritual enlightenment. In all their travels, escapades and fascinations, Sagittarians are seeking only one thing – the elusive bridge of wisdom which links the world of the finit to the world of the infinite. Though many choose to wear the jester’s cap, it rests on the head of the zodiac’s deepest philosopher.” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Sagittarius Sign Traits

Enthusiastic, loyal, generous, happy, great sense of humour

Sagittarius is a sign typically as a fun, wise and protective influence

Sagittarius personality insights from Jemima Cainer

Sagittarians have such a grasp of the universe and it’s infinite possibility and truth that they refuse to be bogged down by day to day nonsense like time keeping or boring commitments. This gives them a brilliant adventurous streak and ‘up for anything’ attitude! This can unnerve some people and inspire others. Sagittarians need enough freedom to go where they are inspired to, they can feel easily trapped by obligations and dull senses of duty. But Sagittarians have a real difficulty saying the word ‘no’. They are eternally optimistic which is one of their best qualities, but they can give off mixed messages about whether they have the time or energy to commit because they always, genuinely believe that they will have infinite resources until they are forced to realise they are actually bound by the same constraints as the rest of us mere mortals!

If a Sagittarius does something they do it because it’s worth it. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If it’s worth doing well then it’s worth doing to wild excess and few times more just for good measure! Sagittarians have abundance in good nature and good luck. They know how to push their luck too, and will take things further than anybody else with a blind abandonment of the rules that inspires either fear or awe, or a mixture of the two from most other people. 

Cainer Sagittarius personality

What should you know if your sign is Sagittarius

Sagittarians are deeply brave and loyal. They commit wholeheartedly to those they love and expect, quite rightly, undying loyalty in return. Sometimes their unbreakable optimism can lead them to hold out for just a bit too long, sure that the right thing will come to them just after the next corner… or the one after that. They don’t like to let go because they believe in what they believe so badly it can become obsessional. Until it isn’t and then they let it go and don’t care at all! This ability to build the most beautiful bridges, and burn them down to dust is one of the most confusing things about Sagittarian behaviour. It is as baffling as it is beautiful. Watching them become totally absorbed by something or someone is like watching a magic show. You can’t work it out, and actually, part of you doesn’t even want to! It’s best to just go along for the ride and get off if (or when!) it gets too much. 

A Sagittarian has a fiery temper, but mostly it’s fairly fleeting. They would much rather pursue the next big thing and focus on pursuing the ideal than ruminate on old wounds. 

They are essentially deeply philosophical thinkers so once they have pondered for an answer as to why things didn’t work out they bounce back with that relentless loveable enthusiasm. That being said, they are also profoundly sensitive and when they do care they care so deeply it hurts. That’s why they need to move onwards and upwards. You can’t pin a sagittarian down once you see how brilliant they are flying free, you won’t want to!

Sagittarius Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have a glorious honesty and a zest for life that is expressed with a truly open heart. You have enormous wisdom and philosophy to offer others and enjoy basking in the admiration that you deserve. You are funny, and joyous and free. You have a great well of generosity and kindness that comes from the very core of who you are and tends to surprise those around you. Your presence lifts peoples spirits and promotes genuine happiness and love. On a bad day: All that happiness and enthusiasm can lead you to making commitments you physically cannot keep. There are days when you just can’t bear the idea of being responsible! Your honesty can lead you to be a little bit blunt at times and have a bad run of saying just the wrong thing at the wrong time and regretting it later. Your generous spirit can lead you being overly generous and indiscriminate which can leave you drained. The way you give it your all to the things you see meaning in can cause you to become a little bit too sure of yourself and your own beliefs.
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