Leo Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on Leo personality:

My Dad used to say “A Leo’s greatest gift is their natural buoyancy. No matter what misfortune may befall them, Leo’s always maintain faith in humanity and trust in life’s hidden magic. By burning these two inner flames, Leo’s cannot help but bring light and warmth to the lives of others.” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

 Leo sign traits

Kind, fiercely loyal, protective, fun, enthusiastic, charming

Leos are typically associated with being incredibly smart and big hearted

Leo personality insights from Jemima Cainer:

I would add to this that Leo’s also have another inner flame and it is an absolute gem. They carry a little light of self belief. Of course there are times when this can almost seem to go out – like all fires, it needs a careful balance of oxygen and fuel. But this flame of self is like an inner champion and when it shines it GLOWS! So is it any wonder that Leo’s thrive on being admired? Even the quiet one’s need those around them to recognise their glow. And rightly so, because to bathe in a Leo’s light has a rejuvenating effect on everyone. A Leo is the king of the pack – they love to be the centre of attention and because they just know that even if they feel shy – that’s exactly where they should be! Leo’s have a grandeur about them. They inspire those around them to ensure they have the lion’s share and the best experience at all times. Leo’s do not like people to fawn over them though and they do not suffer fools or brown nosing. Leo’s will shine their charming light at full beam only on those that they respect. And that’s the tricky bit, because a Leo knows all the tricks in the book and will only let you in if you can live up to your own hype. 

What should you know if your sign is Leo

Leo’s need enough freedom and space to burn freely. If you get the balance right with the Leo in your life you will stay warm forever because their loyalty is stronger than any other signs. They will only let you stay close to them if your loyalty to them matches. Leo’s know what they want and what they want is their own way. Leo’s can’t hide that and nor do they try. Just like they don’t try and mask their other feelings, like their fiery temper. A Leo Flare up is like a Lion’s roar. It is meant to intimidate and says ‘stay away and and do as I say!’. But it never lasts for long and it’s really only there to protect them. That light can’t shine for those that don’t deserve it, and part of deserving it is being strong enough to handle it and brave enough to approach when it looks safe again. Once everybody has heard and taken heed, Leo’s warmth and generosity quickly comes back and can leave you wondering if the roar was ever as loud as it seemed. Don’t worry, they will remind you again next time! Seriously though, that sunshine smile is something else. A Leo in a good mood lifts up everybody around them. They are infectiously enthusiastic and good spirited, and worth their weight in gold.

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Leo Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You are like pure sunshine. You are the warmest and most generous sign. You have an inner confidence that exudes out even when you may feel shy. You can’t help be in charge, even when you’re supposed to be sitting back. You are entertaining! Fun and funny. It’s no wonder everybody wants to be around you, because you really do shine. On a bad day: When you are not your best self you can tend to get a little hot headed. You may find yourself fanning your own flames so much that you forget, temporarily, that others around you need a chance to shine too. When that happens some louder Leo’s have ended up with a bit of a bad rep for being attention seeking or a bit self centred.
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