Gemini Personality Insights

Jonathan Cainer on Gemini:

 My Dad described Gemini personality like this:

“Every Gemini is a dreamer of dreams and a weaver of visions. Gemini’s are the zodiac’s perpetual children – refusing, even in old age, to betray their innocent faith in the possibility of a happier world for all. It is this deep inner well of simple, trusting enthusiasm which makes every Gemini such a potentially powerful person”. (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Gemini Sign Traits

Kind hearted, quick witted, caring, generous, great sense of humour, Gemini’s playful nature is some of the best energy in the zodiac

Gemini personality traits and insights from Jemima Cainer

Never smile at a crocodile, and never argue with a Gemini! Though it doesn’t rhyme, it is sound advice. Geminis love a good debate. They can twist and turn their arguments faster than a rollercoaster. You would be forgiven for mistaking this love of the argument for a passion for the outcome, but actually, for a Gemini, the passion is in the process of persuasion!

Very occasionally, Geminis can go quiet, especially when they are in a bad mood. These don’t last for long though. Gemini has a knack for rationalisation. They can talk themselves in or out of any feeling. Sometimes they talk in circles around their emotions instead of feeling them. They can’t help it, it’s how they work! Geminis have an innate curiosity – they love to ask questions and figure things, and people, out! Geminis crave variety, they tend to have a stimulating energy on those around them – prompting debate and interesting conversation.


What should you know if your sign is Gemini

Geminis love to be listened to, communication is really important to them and they can’t help but attract and interest people. Geminis blow the dust off dull situations and inject their childlike wisdom into anything too boring or grown up. You change your mind more than most because you understand that there is nothing worse than being stuck in a rut or worse – having FOMO. You have a very low threshold for boredom and like to keep things interesting.

They are kind and considerate – they just don’t always show this side of themselves first.

Geminis have been accused of being ‘too-faced’. It’s not that. They are committed to sending messages and brave enough to ensure they get delivered. Gemini’s do have a knack for having a slightly changeable seeming personality – they can adapt the way they communicate to make sure they are heard. Gemini’s have a great sense of adventure and deep wisdom. They are lighthearted and playful, but can also be very sensitive and very thoughtful. They also have a tendency to  love to take arguments too far – just because they can! This is probably what led to that reputation of being a bit complicated and hard to pin down or put in a box. Geminis are complicated, or they certainly can be. The best gifts in life don’t come in a box though, and a Gemini in your life is a gift that is well worth any complications. Gemini’s are nearly always worth getting to know because with great complexity comes the gift of great brilliance.

At times you might find your chatting is very superficial and if you don’t concentrate you can often get a bad case of ‘verbal diarrhoea’, saying too much of the wrong things to the wrong people! This might get you in a bit of trouble but those who know you well will forgive you for it – they know it’s not intended. It’s just hard for you to keep all those words and ideas inside!

Gemini Personality in a nutshell

At your best You have a playful energy and real magic in the way you communicate. You are intelligent and have a great memory, which is useful for remembering all the ways you disagreed or changed your mind before in an argument! Despite your argumentative streak you make a great friend - you can fit in with anybody you want to and it makes you very popular. You have a kindness and curiosity that ensures you always look out for those you care about - you are always ready to cheer up those around you and make them laugh. On a bad day Even on your worst day you still exude a positive energy. Sometimes you might be accused of taking things too far - especially flirting or being cheeky.
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