Capricorn Personality Insights

 Jonathan Cainer on Capricorn:

My Dad used to say, “Capricorns are the keepers of the cosmic clock. The Capricorn quest is to treasure the history and measure the mystery of the passing hours. A Capricorn, however, doesn’t so much seek to take time as to give it. To create opportunity for others by helping them make more of life’s most precious yet limited resource is every Capricorn’s noble wish” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Capricorn Sign traits

Grounded, stable, ambitious, high-achievers. Capricorns are reliable and have a great work-ethic.

Capricorn personality insights from Jemima Cainer

I am still trying to make that resonate with my own understanding of Capricorns so bear with me! Capricorns, as I know them, are doers. They know exactly what needs to be done and they have all the tools they need to get there. What might seem absolutely impossible to others is just what Capricorns do every day. They put their incredible resilience to work for them and putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, conquer even the highest mountains. “Even when they’re under extreme pressure, you’ll rarely see a Capricorn crumble” – Now that’s something my Dad said about Capricorn that rings immediately true! 

Capricorns are tough and unbelievably stable. Underneath their sensible earthly crust though they have a gooey soft centre. It’s brimming with hopes and emotions. Capricorns use this powerful force like fuel to keep them going onwards and upwards towards their goals. 

Capricorns are great listeners and even better friends. They are interested, but also extremely interesting. They have an almost other worldly knowledge and tend to give sensitive, and sage, advice. They have incredible wisdom but they don’t feel the need to harp on about it. They just apply it, consistently to their own life and to the lives of those lucky enough to know them. 

What should you know if your sign is Capricorn

A Capricorn’s dedication and determined work ethic are awe inspiring. They lead by example, modelling the correct course by treading the path first and checking to ensure the route is sound. This cautious approach can slow them down, but it is worth every second because it ensures they get things just right. Capricorns are able to organise not just themselves, but others around them, into working hard for well deserved rewards. They have an incredible ability to strategise for the longer term and take a steady and diligent approach to life to ensure they get where they need to be. 

Capricorns tend to generate their warmth and wisdom inwardly but that doesn’t mean they keep it to themselves. They just don’t have much time for blowing their own trumpet or talking the talk. They are committed to doing the right thing and enjoy the status that this gives them in the world. They tend to be quietly powerful and confident in their own ability to do the right thing. Capricorns can get a bit of a bad rep for being stuffed up and serious. They do know how to have a good time but they also know that no good time is worth it if it means having more to do later!

Capricorn Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have enviable self control and endless ambition. Some people dream the dream but can’t execute the journey. You are naturally equipped with the determination and strength to get exactly where you want to be. You know instinctively that you need to make sure the bags are packed for every possible situation. You prepare to get ready and ready to win! On a bad day: When life gets the better of you you can become so focussed on guarding yourself that you get a bit of tunnel vision. You know that sometimes tough decisions have to be made for the greater good and that can lead to you coming across as a bit ruthless when you don’t have enough energy left to deliver your plan with the right level of sensitivity. There are times when your strategising can get in the way of you having a spontaneously good time - sometimes you need to learn to let go and remember that you don’t need to plan and control everything for things to turn out ok!
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