Cancer Personality Traits

 Jonathan Cainer on Cancer:

My Dad described Cancerians as “the zodiac’s most sensitive souls. They cannot help but empathise with, and feel concern for, their fellow humans. They are never happier than hen making someone else happy, never sadder than when they fear they have inadvertently caused hurt. Anyone who has a Cancerian for a friend has little need of anything else in life. (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Cancer Sign Traits

Cosy, caring, loving selfless. 

A highly intuitive and caring member of the zodiac.

Cancer personality insights from Jemima Cainer

Cancerians are very committed to ensuring their own safety. They could almost become dull and unadventurous if they did not also have enormous capacity for emotional response. They may hide it well beneath their outer shell, which seems to keep them immune and steady despite the most brutal tides – but they are deep and sensitive inside. Their own feelings can become very overwhelming and when they feel things they tend to do so dramatically. After a blow out Cancerians spend a lot of time recovering and restabilising themselves. Their hard shell and knack for seeing the good in others can sometimes mean they let themselves be taken advantage of. They are tough and can put up with an awful lot of inconvenience and difficult circumstances. 

When they feel a strong enough inner emotion though, they will take surprising risks! Cancerians need a lot of reassurance. They like to be told things will be ok because they often feel so deeply that they forget that somewhere else the sun is shining and it will have to come back to them eventually.

What should you know if your sign is Cancer

The thing is about being very strong is that people don’t notice when you are about to snap! Then they accuse you of being moody. I suppose you can be, but it’s usually because you are right! 

In a crisis, Cancerians are resilient and calm. They can seem totally unperturbed by external drama and other people’s issues, solving problems with pragmatic efficiency. On the inside though they are so affected it can hurt. If they let you in to see this it’s because you have gained their trust. That is no easy feat! That hard shell is like a BS filter – only pure intentions can get through. They see through the fake and filter out the fools – and give off such a tough vibe that it can scare people off!

Really though Cancerians are lovers not fighters. They are the homely caregivers of the zodiac. They live for their family and loved ones but they don’t shout about it – protecting them quietly at all costs. 

They are the cosiest people in the zodiac and tend to prefer to remain in places where they feel familiar, where they know the food is good and comes on time. They make others feel at home too and ensure that those who they care for feel totally supported and looked after. 

Cancerians can be a little crabby – it is, after all, in their nature. They also have notorious claws. They can cling on too long or snap ties suddenly and this can seem unpredictable. But no Cancerian will make such a rash decision without very good reason.

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Cancer Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You are the most caring and supportive person anybody will know. You have an immense strength and resilience that will carry you through difficult times. You have a way of nurturing those around you to be their best selves, and you understand on an almost telepathic level people’s real emotions. This sensitivity is a real gift and so is your creative energy which is as powerful as your emotional strength! On a bad day Sometimes you can get so supportive and emotionally invested in something that you find it hard to let go. There are times when it all just gets too much and you are overwhelmed by those strong emotions. You need time to retreat into your shell to heal and come out fighting again.
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