Aries personality traits

Jonathan Cainer on Aries personality:

 My Dad used to say about the personality of Aries:

“No Aries born person will ever let a problem get the better of them for long. No matter how daunting the task, an Aries will rise to it with enthusiasm, courage and commitment. The Aries Heart is as warm as a summer’s day. An Aries’ mind is as bright as a beacon. An Aries will never let a friend suffer or an injustice go unavenged.” (Jonathan Cainer, 1997)

Aries Sign Traits

Wise, efficient, quick witted, dynamic, affable, Open hearted, spontaneous, kind and gregarious.


Aries personality insights from Jemima Cainer:

Those born under Aries are clear communicators. They are energetic in reaching conclusions and excel at grasping many facts in a short time. Their audience may not always be ready to hear their truth, but it will always be communicated directly and with punching clarity. Aries is the sign of the Ram. It is no wonder then that they are considered headstrong. When an Aries sets off, they go full speed, horns ready and head down. This gives them enormous strength and enormous power. Sometimes, it can lead them to be a little impatient. They can, at times, miscalculate their own enviable strength, and come on a little strong for the problem at hand!

Arians have a knack for demonstrating incredible efficiency under pressure. As my dad, Jonathan Cainer said; ‘if you need a mountain moving – ask an Arian!’

Socially, Arians love to be kept busy. They can have a high amount of restless energy and need clear direction to channel this to prevent it becoming self-destructive. 


In their home life Arians need space to take control. An Aries born person cannot share their home with somebody who does not show them the respect they deserve.  An Aries does not need things to look perfect, what is important is that their home is cosy enough when needed. Like the woolly Ram, an Arian has the ability to find their own comfort.

What should you know if your sign is Aries


Aries symbolises ‘new beginnings’. This can lead Arian’s in love to be always looking for the thrill of the beginning – chasing the honeymoon stage. As an Aries, you need to be aware of this and not allow yourself to get so busy chasing butterflies that you scupper your chances of long term security and the stability of a long lasting union. You can learn to channel your energy into maintaining that first time spark with your long term lover – it will take some dedication and effort but as we know, as an Aries, these are your gifts! If your partner is worth it, your dedication to maturity and challenging your own restless nature will pay off. 

In pursuit of sparks, Aries can be guilty of pushing. Tension in a relationship can lead to fireworks and excitement and that suits you! Just make sure that the partner you choose can handle your horns, or better yet, pursue a challenge together that helps kindle the excitement without the rows!

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Aries Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You are incredibly wise. You see and get a feel for the right thing to do next which makes you especially efficient. People admire your quick wit and your ability to respond to challenges with an open heart. You can get on with most people which is a real skill! You have a spontaneous energy and a deep kindness. On a bad day: When things go really wrong Aries people have a bit of a reputation for being hot headed. Is it any surprise though that you sometimes have to push with those horns to make sure things get going in the right direction? That brilliant spontaneity can sometimes tip over into rash impulsivity. Just be aware that at these times others can perceive some of your energy as a little too fiery for them. You might feel yourself getting overexcited and becoming a little overbearing.
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