Jemima Cainer Virgo horoscope

Virgo Monday

If you don’t have anything nice to say, we are often told it is better to say nothing at all! Who, though, gets to define what nice really means? Is it nice to hold back from telling the truth? Is it always good manners to omit important information that may cause a little upset? You know the right thing to do today. You do not have to deliver any difficult news with anything less than a large dollop of sensitivity.

Virgo week 14-20 July

What makes some animals adorable to us and some seem hostile? Is it all ancient cultural conditioning? Do we pass down our fears through the generations, leaving those ahead of us afraid of snakes or spiders who really wish them no harm at all? This week you have the opportunity to clear some old baggage of worry that you no longer need to carry. Sensible solutions are yours to seize as long as you can be brave enough to see things for what they are.


Self actualisation requires moments where you put yourself first. 2024 demands that you take a dose of your own medicine. You are one of the wisest signs and your willingness to help others is second to none. You know all the right answers, but taking your own advice is a different matter! This year promises that you will learn this lesson for good and allows you to forge collaborations which are equitable and promise exciting new starts.

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