J Cainer
Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Thursday

Pushing yourself to accomplish your ‘to do’ list is considered by some to be a worthwhile and worthy endeavour. We all have a seemingly endless set of tasks that we put off and push down the list. As we do this, and allow ourselves to become focussed on the here and now, these items tend to reveal the importance they hold all by themselves. Sometimes, what seems like a pressing need, disappears completely in a day or so. Other times, circumstances convene to push things that we considered less urgent, to the top of our agenda. Trust in time. You have more than you think.

Virgo week 19-25 May

The sensible option is not always the most inspiring but, as Virgos well know, it tends to lead to the highest rate of satisfaction. But even Virgos need an opportunity to let down their hair and enjoy themselves. This week you are being drawn to consider less of the consequences and more of the immediate gratification which comes from something particularly exciting. If you’re clever though you can enjoy something good now, and bank some more joy for later!

Year Ahead

Self actualisation requires moments where you put yourself first. 2024 demands that you take a dose of your own medicine. You are one of the wisest signs and your willingness to help others is second to none. You know all the right answers, but taking your own advice is a different matter! This year promises that you will learn this lesson for good and allows you to forge collaborations which are equitable and promise exciting new starts.