Jemima Cainer Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monday

How much heat can you handle? How much scrutiny can you survive? The sneer to these questions is less important than asking yourself another question… Why is it that you feel you need to hear so much of anything? You have much more choice than you are currently convinced of. If you can’t stand the pressure of the kitchen you are currently in, you can find another place to stand.

Taurus week 14-20 July

How can you be expected to get through anything you have planned to accomplish when you are being bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of interruptions? Surely it is about time that the universe cut you a little slack and supported you to feel like you are getting somewhere? Listen, I am not here to be any bearer of bad news. The energy you need to get a better balance in your world is coming this week with Mars and Uranus powering you up. Make sure you allow yourself to prepare for the arrival of good news!

Year ahead

Taurus year ahead 2024

This year, major planetary connections in your sign will have you wondering how you lived life before. From April, big shifts in your life will start to take shape and the impact of Uranus joining forces with Jupiter will leave your world crackling with the energy of positive change. There is much to look forward to this year. You are more ready than you may realise for things to start looking different in your world and 2024 promises that little will remain the same. This may sound a little bit unnerving. Trust though that the cosmos is conspiring in your favour this year and trust too, that anything which appears to be lost along the way which is truly meant for your happiness will find its way back to you when the time is right.

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