Scorpio Friday – Sunday

Imagine yourself, if you will, in a warm creek. You are taking a swim when all of a sudden, you feel the hairs on the back of your neck prickle. Something compels you to look to your left and you are confronted with the sight of two yellow eyes peeking just out of the water. An enormous crocodile has decided to give you a taste. Miraculously, you muster strength you didn’t know you had! Somehow, you manage to fight it off and escape back to the shore. When you look back, you see that there was no way you could have achieved what you have without some miracle occurring. And yet here you are, safe. It is often when things settle down, that we realise just the size of the crocodiles that we have been wrestling with. After recent events have cleared your vision, you may feel you need to look over your shoulder. You don’t.

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