J Cainer
Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Thursday

Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall, one called Peter, one called Paul. The rhyme tells us to tell those birds to fly away and then immediately demand their swift return, the poor old birds can’t seem to do anything right! Sound familiar to you? You may be feeling pulled from pillar to post lately – go away – come back – desperately trying to please all people and keep up with constant contradicting demands! Remind yourself not to be pulled into other people’s rhymes with no reason. When you manage to find a minute to rest, you will realise, you actually, are free as a bird.

Scorpio week 19-25 May

Things are not always what they seem. You know this better than most people. But sometimes, a beautiful gift is just a beautiful gift. Sometimes there is no hidden agenda to be dug out from beneath a bouquet of life’s roses. This week you are being offered something that you deserve and a way to get what you want. Don’t spend so long looking for a problem that you hold back from a joyful experience!

Year Ahead

Wishlists and wants are ready to be fulfilled by the cosmos for you in 2024 as your ruler Pluto moves from Capricorn to enlightened Aquarius. This shift will highlight the connections in your life and the importance of living your truth. You are being offered bountiful opportunities for new beginnings and a gift in the form of collaborations and there are more people than you may realise who are looking to you for leadership. This year there may be moments where you are asked to trust in the process without knowing fully that good will come. But these chances would not be on the table for you if you weren’t strong enough or brave enough to take them.