Natal chart reading with Jemima Cainer


💫 1-1 video call with Jemima includes a full in-depth, accurate & detailed birth chart reading conducted over google meet (you will need to ensure you are able to join with this facility before you book) a link will be provided once you have booked

💫 A natal chart reading will help you uncover the many nuances of your personality and allow you to better understand yourself and the choices you make.

💫What to expect?

A 1-1 video call consultation allows Jemima to personally take you through your birth chart via a video call and informally discuss major planetary aspects that have an effect on your personality. You can ask questions and seek personal guidance and clarification on any areas of your chart. Please note that consultations can only be conducted via Google meet and not in person at the moment.

Please ensure you are alone and have time for your reading as the consultations are private and there may be things you do not want revealed to any-one but yourself.

Video consultations are conducted via Google meet, once you have booked an appointment a link will be sent to you. You can use this link to join the video call at you scheduled appointment time.

After your video call you will receive a full written copy of your chart via pdf to your email inbox within 7 days of the call.

💫 Can I book?

If you have already filled in a form with your details then you are welcome to book a time with Jemima. If you don’t know the exact time you were born you can put the estimated time. If you have no idea what time you were born then don’t worry, you can still have a natal chart but there might be some details that aren’t as clear. But I will explain that to you during your reading

I offer readings all over the globe which is why you might see an adjustment with the timezones or currency. I have tried to ensure that timezones and currencies are available for every country, so please let me know if there are any issues with  the conversions.

At this stage I can only offer consults and charts in English, but I am looking to translation services for the future.

Please note: my cancellation policy is 48hours in advance. If you need to change or alter the booking it must be done at least 48hours prior to the allotted booking time.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you just want to say “Hi” please email

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Your natal or birth chart is a snapshot of the planetary alignments when you were born. A reading allows an exploration of your characteristics and personality traits and how you respond to external factors such as stress.

A 1-on-1 session with Jemima Cainer for a chart reading will uncover great mysteries about your own situation and allow you to gain clarity on your mind body and spirit and help overcome obstacles or areas of stagnation.

Astrology is an incredibly useful tool to assist with guidance on life’s more perplexing issues. Included is a 25 minute zoom call with Jemima where she will take you through a chart she has manually created just for you. You will then be emailed the chart so you can keep it to refer to.



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