Pisces Personality Traits

Jonathan Cainer on Pisces Personality:

My Dad used to say about Pisces, “The Zodiac’s magician’s. They may not pull rabbits from hats but they none the less perform acts of amazing transformation every day. The Piscean’s greatest gift is the ability to turn despair into hope and fear into faith. Pisceans specialise in helping us to find the hidden wonder in that which we might be tempted to dismiss as ordinary.” (Jonathan Cainer 1997)

Pisces Sign Traits

Adaptable, empathetic, imaginative and creative. Pisceans are deeply intuitive and one of the kindest signs in the zodiac

Pisces personality traits from Jemima Cainer

Pisceans are rarely ordinary always exceptionally gifted with a deep and profound sensitivity. They can’t help but care, deeply, about their fellow humans, because they have an incredible ability to see what is really beneath the surface. Pisceans are so sensitive to this that they some times struggle to keep their flowing emotions from spilling out. And why should they, when they are so kind and compassionate, so imaginative and intuitive? To know a Piscean is to be blessed with a person in your life who cares so much about you that they almost feel it themselves. 

Along with being incredibly sensitive, Pisceans are also incredibly creative. They don’t always express themselves through art, but they are truly artists in everything they do – bringing a little bit of magic and creative genius to whatever they set out to accomplish. Pisceans often have an innate understanding that true beauty comes from within, there is nothing superficial about anything that they do. 

Sometimes, Pisces people have so many ideas that just like with their emotions, they can become overwhelmed by them and don’t know where to start, or stop! It’s partly this tendency for getting lost in the depths that means Pisceans need people and spaces to feel safe to be themselves in. They need time to dream and nurture their creativity and to develop the caring nurture that they expend to everybody around them back to themselves. 

What should you know if your sign is Pisces

Pisceans can be a bit like chameleons socially. They can adapt and blend in to situations and empathise so truly that they forget they are a separate person. It’s part of their magic but it can leave them feeling vulnerable. Pisceans appreciate the exotic and fantastical. They look for this in their lives, finding their imagination fuelled by their emotions, and from seeing everything through a slightly different lens to most other mere mortals. Piscean people are right to trust their emotions and tend to have great instincts. Sometimes though, they can get carried away with seeking every deeper depths and forget to come up for air, or remember to put their feet back on firm ground. Pisces want to help others, they are so deeply compassionate that that feel others pain and want more than anything to take it away for them. That can leave them vulnerable to people who might take advantage of their good sensitive nature. Most Pisces people develop their smarts to help them overcome this but it can take time. They are deeply sensitive, and when the waters are calm, are one of the most joyful and passionate signs to be around!

Pisces Personality in a nutshell

At your best: You have an almost psychic ability to suss people out and see what they are really about. You are incredibly caring and compassionate and easy to get along with too. You might be a bit of a day dreamer, but who wouldn’t want to get lost in that incredible imagination? Your ideas are so brilliant that on a good day, being in your head must feel better than Disneyland! On a bad day: You can get lost down in your own emotions and lose sight of where you are going. There are times when you recognise your vulnerability and feel like you can’t do anything about it, and days when your dreams can slip into what feels like a nightmare. Luckily, spending time with the right people or in a happy place usually brings you quickly back around to your usual magical self.
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