J Cainer Pisces Yesterday

I love writing your daily horoscopes, but I will be taking a short break over December and January to focus on some exciting new projects with cainer.com

I am thrilled to finally unveil a special collaboration that my late father, Jonathan, and I created – Cainer Oracle Cards! Before he passed, we carefully curated his abundant wisdom into a beautiful deck of oracle cards. I’ve also added in my own intuitive insights.

Here’s how it works: Simply hold a pressing question or decision in your mind, click on a card below, and receive guidance either from my Dad or from me. 

Please note you are limited to just one Cainer card reading per day for each zodiac sign, but the cards shuffle daily so new wisdom awaits you every sunrise. 

Have you ever tried to tiptoe around to try and keep quiet? Any accidental extra noise can sound like a hammer drill! A sudden jolt out of the ordinary is much worse than an ongoing white noise. The harder we work at something that we don’t want to do, the more the universe will give us signs it is not meant for us. Don’t give your power away by skirting around an issue that is of no real benefit to you anyway. Walk with confidence and you will get to where you need to be.

Are you looking for more answers? A personal birth chart can give you a much more in-depth understanding of who you are and your true potential. Click here to find out more.

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