J Cainer Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monday

Manners make all the difference. When we are considerate to others and consider how they may feel, we often find ourselves viewing situations through empathy tinted spectacles. Pisceans have a knack for offering support. You do not need to search for long to see a reason to be courteous today. Just ensure that you do not let the standards of treatment you need from others slip by allowing yourself to be a martyr.

Pisces week 14 – 20 July

Commitment to an important cause is on the agenda this week for you and the universe is conspiring to support you to make things happen. You are set to experience a supportive energy that helps you to transform your long term achievements. How can you use this cosmic cheerleading to your advantage? By letting yourself relax! You have carried much weight for a long time. You are now ready to empower yourself by accepting a little help to feel lighter.

Pisces Year Ahead 2024

Saturn continues to move through your sign this year and in doing so carries on with those important moments of lifelong learning. 2024 will see your world transformed but the choices you make will allow you to determine in what way. You have more support than you may realise in any times of upheaval and the flexibility to adapt to the world as it changes around you. Ultimately, the shifts in 2024 will be good for you and allows you to re-imagine what you want your life to look like and come up with creative solutions to things which will take time to resolve permanently. You are much braver than people give you credit for and your actions this year are set to be inspiring. 

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Welcome to j Cainer Pisces Horoscope page

My name is Jemima Cainer and I am the third daughter of the late Astrologer Jonathan Cainer. Growing up, my dad, Jonathan Cainer, taught me everything he knew about Astrology. What he used to say about Pisces, is that they are one of imaginative and creative signs of the zodiac. If you want to be part of something amazing, befriend a Pisces !


You can read a little more about what Jonathan Cainer wrote about Pisces here, as well as read my own interpretation of the interesting personality traits of the Pisces person.

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Sun sign daily horoscopes are interpreted according to the sign the Sun was in at the time you were born. Some people resonate more with their moon or rising sign. If you feel a powerful connection to the sign of Pisces, no matter why, then there is  huge potential in understanding how the daily alignments for the Pisces sign will affect your life. After all, even the intuitive and imaginative Pisces could occasionally benefit from some sound, planetary advice. 


Jonathan Cainer’s legacy to all of us was one of hope, generosity and above all, love. I have no intention of replacing my father, as he was irreplaceable. My only desire is to share my father’s legacy and my own journey, Jemima Cainer horoscopes and astrology with you.


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