J Cainer
Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Thursday

There is a planetary positioning that is shining a spotlight week for you. Part of you will hate it. Another part though, is ready to put a protective shell around your softest parts and stand up tall. What you are now connecting with will carry you further forwards than you dare to believe. Your instincts are on point today. Tune in and listen to them.

Pisces week 19-25 May

A wise man with a boat told me recently that he could cure my seasickness with a tablet. But, he warned me, if I didn’t believe it would work, I could have the whole packet and I would still be sick! I won’t be testing out his theory until next week but I agreed with his sentiment. This week I am passing the advice on to you. What you believe is important – choose to trust that good things are coming your way and you will not be disappointed.

Year Ahead

Saturn continues to move through your sign this year and in doing so carries on with those important moments of lifelong learning. 2024 will see your world transformed but the choices you make will allow you to determine in what way. You have more support than you may realise in any times of upheaval and the flexibility to adapt to the world as it changes around you. Ultimately, the shifts in 2024 will be good for you and allows you to re-imagine what you want your life to look like and come up with creative solutions to things which will take time to resolve permanently. You are much braver than people give you credit for and your actions this year are set to be inspiring.