Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio – Fixed Water and Virgo Mutable Earth

There are some relationships that sizzle and fizzle out. There are others that burn slowly. Then there is the kind of relationship between a Virgo and Scorpio. When these two connect with each other, it is often with unmatched intensity. These two fall quickly and hard. Scorpio is one of the only signs who sees past the facade that Virgo paints on every day. They see and sense deeper, right to the core and see Virgo’s vulnerabilities. Virgo sees Scorpio for who they really are too. Not just one level below the surface, but right to their centre. That understanding demands respect from both parties. These two know each other inside and out, almost instantly. That can be a scary thing when the relationship is new. But it means that these two are often bound for life. After all, what happens when you mix earth with water? It creates Mud. and mud sticks. This relationship is not a dirty secret though. Think less murky puddles and more wonderful, sensual clay. This relationship can form something wonderful and everlasting. These two often feel destined to be together and fated to last forever. 



Scorpio’s intensity and determination borders on the edge of stubbornness, but Mutable signs, ever-changing and resourceful by nature, are happy to accommodate. For a Virgo in love, this can be both heavenly and dangerous – swept off their usually very steady feet by a passionate Scorpio! They embrace it for the most part but must be careful not to lose themselves in the process. The Fixed sign may prefer things their way, but communication is key. If they don’t take time to help each other balance out their needs and wants, the Mutable sign will find themselves drained by the rigidity of the Fixed Scorpio – casting away any hope of happily ever after. Understanding each other is essential before fireworks go off!



Virgo is a mutable earth sign, they are sensible and sensual in equal measure. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. They are ruled by their heart and emotions. They love intensely and passionately and they make sensitive and loyal partners. This is a great combination for a lasting love. At times, however, things can take a wrong turn when other factors interfere in this harmonious relationship. When this occurs, Tidal Waves can erode Earth’s foundations causing chaos and confusion. But if both signs stay strong and keep their balance, their love is unbreakable. They understand one another well – the Earth sign provides stability and security, whilst the Water sign empathises with their needs for sensitivity and compassion. The key is to avoid codependency – but when they truly connect, there’s no greater power than what these two share together


Are Virgo and Scorpio compatible?

Yes they are deeply compatible! These two have a powerful connection and share an inner world that goes far beyond what most people see on the outside. They recognise this in each other, and like to explore and learn about what really makes them tick and who they really are. There is something lovely and organic about this union that makes this pair inseparable. This has potential to go the distance.