Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Virgo – Mutable Earth and Sagittarius Mutable Fire

These two excite each other more than they care to admit. They often act like they drive each other mad, but these two can’t keep away from each other. Sagittarius ignites a fire in earthly Virgo’s well hidden heart. These two are passionate and full of fun and adventure, but they often bring out a wilder side to each other. Sagittarius can get lazy with a Virgo around who can handle their chaotic moments and do their planning for them. And Virgo slips into mothering mode with a daft Sag to nurture and teach. Ultimately, this is a relationship that is focussed on learning. These two learn as much about themselves in this partnership as they do about each other. That is a great basis for a healthy union, as long as they give each other space to grow and develop. There is something very lovely about two of the wisest zodiac signs in a relationship together, but it can also lead to a bit of competition. These two can butt heads in a major way when they can’t align their very different approaches to tackling problems. Both are intuitive, but whereas Virgo likes to plan and perfect their strategy of attack, Sagittarius often jumps in with both feet and a gigantic dollop of faith. That can be hard to handle for both of them. Luckily though, both these signs enjoy a challenge. It keeps things passionate and the love burning. 



These two are both Mutable signs. They are both up for a rollercoaster and able to change their minds and their hearts according to the flavour of the month, That keeps things fresh and exciting! Since mutable signs spend a lot of time in the business and activities of people and events around them it will be key for their relationship that they remember to focus on themselves as well to avoid burning out.



Sagittarius is a Fire sign. They are by nature, warm and optimistic. That makes them irresistible to the earthly Virgo who can be sometimes a little bit too realistic for their own good. These two have enough opposites to keep the attraction going. The cautious Earth Virgo might find themselves treading carefully before jumping into a relationship with an enthusiastic Fiery Sagittarius, not easily deterred by any obstacle.  When they do decide to forge ahead, the Earth’s power is unleashed providing a powerful source of energy for the relationship. However, taking things too fast or too far could prove to be dangerous – like a wildfire on combustable tinder, it’ll leave nothing but scorched hearts in its wake. Moving with much care and consideration will ensure love rather than destruction!


Are Virgo and Sagittarius compatible?

They say opposites attract, and when it comes to this particular coupling, that’s definitely true! Yet underneath these differences lies an exciting opportunity for both parties to reach their best selves. They can challenge each other in ways unimaginable, and together they have the potential of creating a truly harmonious union. As Mutable signs, they are willing to put the necessary work in to adapt and grow as individuals and as a team – enabling them to create a strong and lasting relationship.