Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo – Mutable Earth and Pisces Mutable Water

Virgo’s are renowned for their practical and sensible approach to life. They love methods and everything, even the magic of love and romance, to be measured out precisely. Pisces is almost completely opposite. They are the Zodiac’s biggest dreamers. They drift through life, immersing themselves in experience. Many Pisceans are so lost in their own world that the idea of the plan almost gives them an allergic reaction! So surely, this is a relationship that must be doomed from the start? Not at all. This coupling has the potential for something wonderful. When two of the most compassionate and caring signs come together, they can show each other the best of their two very different worlds. These two want to love each other deeply. Any struggles they face will not be for lack of care, or even romance. These two probably fall out a lot over their domestic duties, and have very different ideas about how to make a plan or manage a schedule. But when they fall in with each other, they hold each other up on a pedestal. Because there is a part of both of them, no matter how crazy they drive each other, that secretly holds the other in awe and admiration. Each have just the qualities that the other feels they may lack. If they can come together on equal footing (Virgo putting up with Pisce’s coaster emotions and Pisces accepting Virgo for their pedantic panic), then these two can find true love and happiness with one another. 



With both of them being Mutable signs – the kind that seek out excitement and meaning, this relationship can be quite a rollercoaster ride! That said, they should take care not to get too caught up in the activities and events around them. Taking some time to nurture themselves away from the hustle and bustle, will be key in keeping this connection alive. If they learn to balance their desire for change with moments of peace and stillness, they’ll find plenty of room to explore and discover their shared strength!



Earthly Virgo and Water sign Pisces stick together like mud once they fall in love. Virgo has an incredibly grounding effect on Pisces whilst Pisces helps Virgo remember they are not quite as dry as they might make out! They will become inseparable from each other, creating a balance of their different traits. 


Are Virgo and pisces compatible?

Opposites attract and in this case, the love between a Virgo and a Pisces is magnetic and powerful. These two fall deeply and stick together. They bring out the sweeter side to each other and though they go about things very differently, these two recognise each other as two of the most compassionate and empathic signs in the zodiac.