Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Virgo and Libra

Virgo and Libra sit side by side in the zodiac, and this partnership is one based on a firm foundation of friendship. These two learn from each other and have a respect for one another that runs deep. They are very different in their approaches to life, but both are real believers in things being better when people co-operate and things are peaceful. This is a wonderful combination for a relationship. Sensible Virgo lends a voice of steady reason to Libra’s indecision and reminds Libra that they can’t change the whole world all at once. Libra is able to rely upon their Virgo partner to keep them steady when they overcommit or get stuck in a spiral of overthinking! And in turn, Libra can help Virgo take action when they are filled with hesitation and worry. These two bring out the best sides of each other. They may not always agree on the best steps forwards – Virgo prefers a methodical approach whereas Libras tend to jump in with both feet and a risk assessment that could do with a bit more energy! Conflicts don’t last long with these two though, because both are eager to please their partner and more than willing and able to make changes to keep the relationship going in the right direction. These two just seem to get each other. They have an almost intuitive understanding of each other’s needs and even when they drive each other up the wall, they see the method in each other’s madness. This can be a relationship that goes the distance. 



Librans are Cardinal. They start things off and move and shake things around to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Virgo is a mutable sign. That means they are adaptable. That is almost essential for being with a Libran. These two work well together, but Virgo needs to learn to assert their own needs, and Libra may have to slow down and listen once in a while!



Virgo is ruled by the Earth. Virgos are reliable and sensible. They are also loving and incredibly sensual. Librans are ruled by the air. They may be rational and logical but they are also prone to being buffeted by passionate hurricanes when it comes to their love life. In partnership with a Virgo, they can find their feet on more solid ground and offer Virgo a life filled with pleasure. 


Are Virgo and Libra compatible?

This is a loving and pleasure seeking combination that offers both of these signs a life time of satisfaction. It may not always be plain sailing, Libra wants to get things done and tends to be a bit more extroverted whereas Virgo is happy to oblige but only up to a point. Virgo can find Libra a little bit too much at times and Libra can feel a little restrained by Virgo. This relationship will take compromise to keep it working over the long run – the good news is that both of these signs have that quality in abundance!