Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

Virgo – Mutable Earth and Capricorn Cardinal Earth

Virgo and Capricorn are kindred spirits. They both know that the best things in life are earned not by luck or whimsy but through methodical determination and by committing themselves to the cause. When these two get together, nothing stands in their way. They are able to create a real and lasting connection. Sometimes, it almost makes too much sense for these two to be together, and they end up as friends rather than lovers. But real love is based on friendship, and just because these two are sensible doesn’t mean they don’t know how to show incredible, sensual love. In fact, when romance blooms here, it grows and grows. That’s because the soil from these earthly characters is rich and perfectly balanced. That allows roots to be put down and blooms to confidently blossom. This is a love that will really go the distance once it starts. Neither Virgo or committed Capricorn are likely to give up just because the going gets a bit tough. Both parties will ensure that the passion is maintained and the romance is encouraged to flow. There is magic to be grown in this partnership and both of these signs will be sure to show their best sides to each other. They inspire each other to grow as people, not just as partners. 


Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, and as such they never have any shortage of ideas and the determination to finish what they start. Meanwhile, the mutable Virgo is generous and possesses remarkable flexibility and selflessness – qualities that are perfect for growth, especially when paired with a Cardinal like Capricorn. The combination of the two provides an excellent tandem: Capricorn providing the ideas to the table and Virgo thinking through the operation that will bring it to fruition.



These two are earth signs. This is a dependable and sustainable duo. There is a lot of common ground to be gained here, and that allows for this relationship to flourish and grow. When it comes to opposing forces, no two are more formidable than that of Capricorn and Virgo. Respectively grounded in ambition, determination and hard work, these two signs bring the full force of their element to bear on any task they set their minds to. Together they form an unstoppable team, but if their goals should come into conflict then batten down the hatches – for between them there is enough power to level a small city! Fortunately though, beneath this seeming ferocity lies a heart of kindness and consideration – truly a love worth holding onto.


Are Virgo and Capricorn compatible?

These two together just make sense. Sometimes though, that can lend itself to a relationship that leans more towards lifelong friendship, than a passionate and lusty meeting of hearts. That is not to say there won’t be attraction and true love here though – on the contrary, the feeling of being understood on such a deep level is very attractive to both as long as they are ready to commit!