Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo – Mutable Earth and Aquarius – Fixed Air

Virgo and Aquarius make a great match. But they don’t half wind each other up! Both have more in common with the other than they like to admit. That’s what keeps them together but it can sometimes serve to drive them around the bend and then further apart. These two are picky and pedantic, and woefully stuck in their ways… that is, until they’re not! These two surprise each other. Just when they think they know how the other will react, a curveball of great humour and wit gets thrown in the mix and helps them fall in love with each other all over again. These two work well together. They are committed to getting it right, and to thinking things through thoroughly. But they go about it in different ways. And boy can they worry! In fact, these two are the olympic champions of fret. That’s partly why they feel so understood when they partner up. They recognise the moments of impending doom very well, which means they can support each other and soothe their partner. Well, as long as they are not both hit with the same worry at the same time! Virgo and Aquarius both have a tendency to overthink. That helps them avoid obstacles, and keep a rational head over matters of their hearts. That is a great foundation for a lasting and practical union but don’t for one second think there won’t be passion too! The best thing about falling out, is making up again. 



Virgo is mutable and Aquarius is fixed. Virgo and Aquarius may not be the most obvious match, but that’s what makes their connection so special. Audacious Aquarius can add stability with their fixed nature, while Virgo’s mutability ensures there is enough room in the relationship for flexibility. To make this match a success, Aquarius must learn to open their heart and accept compromise rather than always insisting on things being ‘their way’, and Virgo must remember to not take responsibility for everything that goes wrong. With a little understanding from both sides, these star-crossed signs will discover a shared strength – and make each other even stronger!



Aquarius is an Air sign whereas Virgo is Earth. This is a great combination where ‘two feet on the ground’ meets ‘head in the clouds’. They may seem like opposites, but Earth and Air have more in common than one might expect. Earth provides the support that Air needs to thrive, while Air brings much needed change and excitement for growth. Though at times these two may seem incompatible, with a bit of patience and understanding they can learn to find balance between their differences – together they have the power to move mountains! With the grounded wisdom of Earth paired with the imaginative curiosity of Air, their relationship will be a love hurricane that changes everyone it touches. These two balance each other out well as long as they can compromise and meet in the middle.

Are Virgo and Aquarius compatible?

These two have a great combination of complementary traits – except when they wind each other up past the point of it being funny anymore! These two need regular open communication to keep things going and both need to remind each other about the connection they have in their hearts, not just the reasons they are together that make sense on a cerebral level!