Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo

Some people were just made for each other and a Virgo and a Taurus certainly feel that way! Virgos were placed on this earth to rectify the wrongs, and improve all the inefficient processes. Taureans, thankfully always do the right things and will happily take advice from the Virgo. Which is why these two just WORK! A Virgo loves the practicality and steadiness of the Taurus, whilst the taurus admires the glorious efficiency of the Virgo. With a grounded approach to life, Taurus and Virgo are practical beyond compare. But don’t let that fool you. Complicated emotions tend to keep this relationship interesting, and their pragmatic take on life often leads them to find innovative solutions to whatever problems they may face together.They may prefer sensibility over sexiness but that doesn’t stop their cheeky nature shining through from time to time. Taureans can sometimes find it hard to handle their emotions and shut off, doing anything they can to avoid an argument, whilst a Virgo is very perceptive and will want to resolve things there and then.




Taurus is fixed and virgo is mutable. The mutable signs find it easier to adapt and go with the flow, whilst a fixed sign prefers a more static or rigid routine. With the static stability of a Taurus and the adaptable nature of a Virgo, these two signs make quite the pair. But there’s an art to it – for one to truly blossom in their relationship, they must learn to recognise each other’s needs, even if it requires bending one’s rigid routine for the sake of the other. With patience, understanding, and open communication, these two can have a beautiful balance that works for both




The fixed earth sign Taurus is a brilliant match for the mutable earth Virgo Fixed in their determined earthy ways, these two signs create a force that cannot be moved. With practical minds and feet firmly planted on the ground, they are best friends when it comes to finding sensible solutions for everyday life. Together, Taurus and Virgo will enjoy practical approaches to many things – what more could you want? 



Are Taurus and Virgo compatible?

Compatible?! You could be forgiven for thinking that these two were made for each other. The problem with this kind of relationship though, is that sometimes we need a little tension to keep the chemistry alive. This union runs the risk of festering into friendship if these two don’t put the work in to keep the spark alive over the long run.