Taurus and Taurus

Taurus and Taurus

The bond between two Taureans is undeniable, their shared impeccable style and love of luxury is something to behold. Being Venus-ruled they have an exceptionally sensual disposition and a discerning taste that leads them to only the best things in life. It is no wonder then, that they recognise quality when they see it, and find it in each other! This love match promises delight until disagreement strikes, for both are impressively stubborn with a will that’s stone strong. To steer their union clear of conflict, it’s important they find fairness and take turns listening – one might have to relent if they’re ever going to be at ease again. Together, this duo will lead a life of earthly pleasures, amidst natural beauty – appreciating all the finest luxuries life has to offer! They will enjoy being in nature, and enjoying life together but most of all, these two will understand each other on such a deep level that other relationships would struggle to match up to their conenction. 


Both fixed, they know what they want and they know how they will get it. This pair are delightfully tenacious and attached to their own will. This works great when in harmony, however, when a disagreement strikes both their stubborn natures will find it difficult to relent. You will be hard pressed to convince one of them to give in easily, so arguments could be dragged out longer than desirable…


The fixed earth signs are like mighty mountains, strong powerful and unyielding. The two fixed earth signs are perfect for each other, as if their understanding of one another was written in the stars. They can’t help but be drawn together by their common ground – both are steadfast and rooted in tradition, content to stay close to savour the simple joys of life. No matter how much things may change outside their walls, they’ll stand together like a rock, secure in the knowledge that they have a rock solid connection that will never be broken. 

So are Taurus and Taurus compatible?

The Taureans are an ideal pairing, both possessing a strong work ethic and an eye for quality. Working together, they’ll boldly tackle whatever life throws at them – from creating the perfect home to settling any disputes. But these two mules must remember to keep their stubbornness in check; if they can learn to trust each other’s convictions, then this couple is sure to thrive for years to come!