Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio

The Scorpio and Taurus duo are a classic coupling that has some raw attraction behind their union. There is a magnetic pull that is hard to deny.  – it’s no surprise that the steady, unwavering bull is enthralled with the mysterious, magnetic energy of the Scorpio. These two recognise strength of character when they see it, and find themselves reflected in their mate. They can match each other in terms of power and commitment when they’re on the same page, but if not, these two strong-willed characters can clash out of control. Luckily, their shared appreciation for nature and tranquillity helps balance each other’s powerful personalities – offering a beautiful bridge for even more connection between them! Scorpio’s often come across as having a bit of a difficult-to-please nature, it takes a special kind of perseverance on the part of the Taurean to crack into this sign’s heart.Taureans are no stranger to discerning taste so they are qell equipped to woo a Scorpio and recognise that nothing less than a deep and meaningful offering will do here. Both signs know loyalty and commitment when they feel it, and when it comes to passionate emotions, things can quickly turn a bit possessive unless they remember to keep showing up for one another and demonstrating how they really feel. Yet despite all this shared strength of feeling, they do need to be careful not to let stubborn pride come in the way of resolution – someone may need to give in just a little bit for harmony!



Both being fixed signs they can be outstandingly stubborn. Steadfast in their ideas and their own “perfected” ways of doing things. They are slow to change their minds and committed to their own ideas. When these two coincide, all goes right – like a machine running as smoothly as it should. But when they collide, all bets are off. As fixed signs, both parties will take great pride in sticking to their own ideas and opinions, no matter how loudly the other person shouts – making it almost impossible to find a happy medium between them if they can’t agree.



Taurus is a fixed earth and Scorpio is fixed water. It’s almost poetic – Earth and Water in perfect harmony, both fixed and steady ready to hold each other for an eternity. A fixed earth is grounded, reliable, loyal and steadfast like a sturdy mountain, whilst the fixed water sign is intuitive bordering on psychic, receptive, loving and enjoys feeling protected, like a deep crystal lake held in a strong valley of earth. The Bull of the ground, standing strong and reliable, secure enough to let the free-flowing waters of Scorpio nurture its soul. While on its part, Scorpio uses its intuition to soften the grounding force of Taurus – offering a place of protection and love that replenishes the Earth sign. An exquisite match, an irresistible bond!


Are Taurus and Scorpio compatible?

It’s a powerful match – the Taurus and the Scorpio, two opposite forces that find harmony in each other. Firmly rooted in Earth, the Bull stands unwavering and loyal, yet has enough vulnerability to give in to Scorpio’s watery depths. On its end, the Scorpion is keenly intuitive, brimming with passion and emotion, eager to provide its counterpart with security and solace. A tantalising combination – so powerful, so inviting – only those two could understand it! These signs don’t simply exist in the realm of platonic love but revel in an intense physical bond. Possessing a magnetism so great that no other partner can satisfy their desires, a connection so strong it could cause one to lose sight of all else.