Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius

Research has revealed that, if you’re born under Sagittarius, you’ve got an exceptionally high chance of becoming a child star. Taureans, by comparison, are most unlikely to find early fame (Jonathan Cainer N.D). A Sagittarian simply doesn’t know the meaning of the word enough whilst a Taurean might very well be the person administering the “enoughs”. That’s not to say it won’t work. Actually, these two can get one surprisingly well when they are both intune with each other’s needs.  However, the trouble is, the selective deafness of the Sagittarian surrounding topics such as ‘impossible’ or ‘dangerous’ can irk the cautious taurus beyond their acceptable levels of sanity. The more the Taurean objects, the more the Sagttarius sees it as a challenge; not so much toeing the line as leaping it! What if the impossible just needed to be seen through a different lens? What if the ‘dangerous’ held more inspiration than fear? A fiery duo, the Sagittarian and Taurean. Together they could defy the odds and rewrite them – pushing boundaries never before thought possible. A challenge welcomed by one and conquered by the other. Together, they’d have no limits and accept no defeat! 


Sagittarius is mutable, the mutable signs are characterised by their flexibility, and open minded selflessness, Taureans on the other hand are fixed, finding change a little more challenging and stubbornly attached to their own way. That doesn’t mean these two cannot work, on the contrary, the mutable sign is more than willing to adapt into the fixed Taureans routine, they may even revel in the stability, whilst the fixed sign may enjoy learning how to be a little more flexible. Together they can achieve anything – making changes in each other’s lives that bring out the best in them both. A love story of flexibility and stubbornness, they will be unstoppable if they combine their unique traits.



Taurus is a fixed earth, characterised by their strength and stability. If a Taurean wants something, you can be sure they will get it. The sagittarius is a mutable fire, easily adapting to their circumstances and ambitious and passionate to boot. Fire and Earth might not seem like a match made in heaven, but their union can make for a surprisingly steady and strong relationship. The Taurean’s earthly strength will provide fuel and carry them through any challenge, while the Sagittarian’s ambition and passion will give rise to new adventures. Together they can create an alliance that sparks something extraordinary – the flame of love that never dies!


Are Taurus and Sagittarius compatible?

A timeless romance between a Taurus and Sagittarius could be achieved if they both come together to meet in the middle. While the Taurean takes their time to make sure everything is just right, the Sagittarian can help them stay rooted in the present, adding laughter and adventure that will keep their relationship alive. With patience and understanding from both sides, these two signs can form an unbreakable bond, one that will last for many years!