Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus – Fixed Earth and Pisces Mutable Water

When these two signs come together they make a commitment based on mutual compassion. There are few signs so nurturing or loving as these two, and none as sensual. Perhaps that is why these two tend to fall in love quickly, and deeply. Their bond is not just a sensual one. Therse two sem to see into each other’s souls. This sensitive connection feels as if it was written in the stars. Dependable Taureans are known for picking a lane and sticking to it; meanwhile, Pisceans are known for their versatile nature — but without the freedom to chop and change directions, they may find themselves risking indulging in escapist activities that could lead to less than desirable results. But this yin-yang effect is also what keeps these star-crossed lovers interesting — with the consistent discipline of Taurus coupled with the creative drive of Pisces, sparks are sure to fly, and to keep things exciting for the long haul. When earth and water mix, they make mud. That is a notoriously sticky substance. It is also, the most fertile of grounds for something wonderful to blossom in. 


Mutable and Fixed signs may appear to be two sides of the same coin, but they can actually complement each other in positive ways. Think of a yin-yang-like balance, where Mutability can provide flexibility and adaptability while Fixed signs lend stability and structure. A successful union between these two energies relies on being able to appreciate each other’s strengths—the power of change mixed with the power of consistency—as much as understanding their differences. Together, they can create something truly wonderful if the effort is put in! 


The mutable water sign pisces is adaptable, ever changing, emotional and intuitive. The Fixed Earth is steady, reliable and a protective force. Earth and water traditionally work very well together. They share a sort of gravitational pull that requires effort to meet in the middle. Think of it like a mighty mountain, with a steady stream, the mountain holds the crevasses for the water to wind down, they are held together by their differences. Water’s flexibility weaves perfectly into the solidity of Earth, while Earth’s stability anchors Water’s fluidity. This connection can take some extra understanding and compromise, the reward is worth it: when these two elements come together in balance, they make a powerful force and fit together perfectly.

Are Taurus and Pisces compatible?

A match made in the stars! Taurus and Pisces are two of the most romantic signs, and they form a powerful team when they come together. With both Fixed and Mutable energies, these signs bring a remarkable balance to their relationship; enough similarities so that they gel, but with enough differences that they never tire of each other. There’s a sense of ease with this pairing; it’s comforting, reliable and full of potential. When Taurus and Pisces get together, something magical happens!