Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo

The combination of grounded, committed Taurus and passionate, appreciative Leo makes for a great relationship! They are both headstrong, pleasure seeking signs. The steady bull likes to assess their situation with care, whilst a confident Leo may be a bit more gung ho, but they are both impressively tenacious and will follow through with anything they set their minds to as a couple.  They are both very committed to their own ideas and approaches to life but because they both seek similar things they will get on very well. Both being pleasure seeking signs, their home will generally be a luxurious sanctuary. They will make the perfect team, working together to ensure every detail is perfect. That said, when their desires differ and the wills start to clash, it can be an epic battle of unforgettable proportions – though part of their charm is the sheer stubbornness they both share in spades! 


There can be a bit of a power struggle with Leo and Taurus, so both need to learn when to pick their battles to avoid lengthy arguments. Leos tend to be a little more independent than Taureans and this could result in their being trust issues if there isn’t a direct line of communication. And woe betide the Taurus and the Leo if they have a big fall out, because both signs will wait to the end of the time for the other party to apologise first.



Both signs are fixed which means they are both impressively stubborn with their ideas. If they have a shared vision, this is a perfect combination, and will ensure that joint goals are met. However, if there is ever an argument between this couple that remains unresolved, they might never forgive each other. Fixed signs struggle to back down. This might mean it will be hard to resolve any differences of opinion; when tempers flare these two can find themselves stuck in a cycle of unforgiving stubbornness that leads nowhere.



Leo is a fixed fire and Taurus is fixed earth. Earth signs often prefer a steady way and earth signs, particularly Taureans find a constant changing of plans quite unbearable. Fiery Leo’s do not change their plans often but being fixed, they definitely like doing things their way and will put their own needs first even if it does scupper the Taurus plans, this can cause contention between the couple. Steady earth can provide fuel for the strong fire sign and the fixed nature of Leo can provide the consistent warmth the fixed earth needs to thrive.


Are Taurus and Leo compatible?

From the luxurious creature comforts to a shared affinity for indulgence, Taurus and Leo are a match made in heaven. That is, until they start bickering and their stubbornness rears its head. Then it’s up to these two formidable signs to find out if they can work things out – or if they’re doomed to an eternity of disapproval and disagreement that both refuse to compromise on the details of!