Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer are simply perfect together, the icing to the cake, the biscuit with a cup of tea. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, and Cancer by the Moon which rules our emotions. For the Cancer and Taurus signs, home is not just a place – it’s an emotional haven! These two signs are known for their in-depth nurturing and passionate romanticism. Their home environment is what makes them feel secure and grounded, allowing them to better express their feelings. Through understanding this special connection with one’s home, these two signs may open up new doors to a deeper level of intimacy in their relationship. They will both go to great lengths to ensure an optimum sense of peace and happiness is throughout the home. A Taurean looks for results and works exceptionally hard to ensure they get what they need, the sensitive and intuitive Cancer is incredibly supportive and intuitive to the needs of their partner.  They will work in perfect harmony to make their relationship a lasting paradise. When it comes to the Taurus and Cancer, these two signs shine in their love and understanding for one another. Together, they find a deep connection that’s so special, allowing them both to be who they really are. Loyalty, kindness and dedication are just three of the many traits that these two share – and when this mutual appreciation is combined with an immense amount of happiness, you have a relationship that’s sure to last! 


Taurus is fixed and Cancer is Cardinal. The fixed nature of the Taurus is stable, consistent and very protective. For the Cancer, a cardinal sign of action, they find security in the fixed nature of Taurus. This sign is not one to shy away from strength and power – instead, they are happy to take on the world with their protective friend not far behind them. No matter what life throws at them, these two zodiac signs have each other’s back – and that’s something worth appreciating! For the Cardinal Cancer, courage and enthusiasm will be the impetus that drives their relationship forward. Meanwhile, Taurus will provide the stalwart support and structure necessary to ensure things stay firmly grounded – so that nothing is overlooked along the way. This combination will make a powerful duo, sure to reach great heights together!


Taurus, the fixed earth sign is a symbol of undeniable strength and stability, like a craggy mountain keeping watch over the valley. While the Cardinal Water sign Cancer ushers in new beginnings, like a babbling brook providing nourishment for weary travelers. These two elemental forces intertwine in an eternal romantic dance – Earth and Water flow together to create something stronger than either could be alone. Earth and water by their very nature are drawn to each other. The strong, protective earthly Taurus holds the deeply intuitive Cancer and the water sign feels the love and caring nature of the earth.

Are Taurus and Cancer compatible

Taurus and Cancer are so compatible you could be soulmates. With shared values of peace and comfort in their environment, these two signs will find solace in each other’s supportive companionship. An unbreakable bond of strength and trust sets them apart from any other pairing – truly, a finer match could not be found, provided you are in agreement about what those comforts are! If not though, these two will find it hard to let go, even if they know things are no longer working.