Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarians and Taurians couldn’t get much more different. Until they realise of course, that those determined little traits are exactly what makes them both so similar! Taureans are immensely hardworking and sensible. They reach their goals through sheer grit and determination to get to where they want to be. Aquarians on the other hand are committed to being quirky, make the difficult look easy and love to take on a challenge.. They have very different ways of doing things and are both impressively stubborn.With their unique blend of determination and affability, these two will go the extra mile to prove that they’re truly meant for each other–no matter how challenging the road gets. Aquarians are quirky and inventive while Taureans are steadfastly reliable. Both of them being stubborn as bull is something only a great love can work out! Aquarians are known for their cerebral nature, which can cause them to be a bit emotionally cool at times. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially when Taurus comes into the picture. They bring warmth and affection to the equation, and could bring out the Aquarian’s softer side. However, the Taurus’ need for validation and the Aquarian’s resistance to romance could have trouble brewing but even these seemingly opposing forces can find a balance if they both work together. 


Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. Fixed signs are some of the most reliable in the zodiac, known for their commitment and determination to keep going when the chips are down. While they can have some issues seeing eye-to-eye due to their stubborn natures, they also have an enduring strength that can hold them together when things get tough. It’s not always easy for Fixed signs to mesh with one another—they tend to obsess over details and hang on to ideas far longer than other astrological signs—but if two Fixed signs commit to each other and build a life together, there’s nothing stopping them from having a long-lasting relationship. Fixed signs may need more time than most to learn how to compromise and trust each other, but their immense dedication makes it all worth it in the end!


Aquarius is fixed air, whilst Taurus is fixed earth. The fixed air, being intellectual can be quite dogmatic in their beliefs and very hard to sway. The cerebral and steadfast airy Aquarias can grow frustrated with the inferior intellect of anyone that does not share their way of thinking. Fixed earth on the other hand is steady and reliable, focussed on more practical aspects of life and may soon grow irritated by the perceived intellectual snobbery of the air. Can these two work together? Could earth’s gravity pull the air to them or is the air too light to notice or care?

Are Aquarius and Taurus compatible?

When it comes to Aquarius and Taurus, opposites can certainly attract—but what happens when they disagree? With both of these signs being so stubbornly opinionated, they could easily find themselves in hot water if they let things get too heated. On the one hand, you have Taurus’s ‘charge like a bull’ mentality; on the other is Aquarius retreating into an aloof demeanour when feeling pressured. It’s a dangerous cycle that could leave them both frustrated and wondering why their opposing approaches clash so much. And yet, Aquarius and Taurus still have something to offer each other. Despite how long it takes for the proud Aquarius to admit it—even to themselves—Taurus’s solid foundation provides comfort and stability. Whilst the Taurus cannot help but be enthralled by the Aquarians wit and quick thinking. With a bit of give and compromise this loyal duo could have great potential.