Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio – Fixed Water

Scorpios can often seem like a mysterious breed. They appear as cool cucumbers and many people find them to be very intriguing. They exude a certain kind of intensity that can be very alluring. Scorpios have huge sex appeal and they know what they want. Their determination to get it can be a little intimidating for the faint of heart. A Scorpio’s heart demands to handled with a level of appreciation and respect. Is it any wonder then, that the most worthy companion for one as wonderful as a Scorpio, is, another Scorpio? This is a deep bond from the start, though at surface level they probably seem like they couldn’t care less. Scorpio’s are good at that. They are deeply intuitive creatures and they know how to please each other on a level that extends far beyond the superficial tokens of affectionate hat other signs may offer. When it comes to love, Scorpio demands nothing less than total surrender. That can be the only point of difficulty in this union, because both of them will try to cling to an illusion of control that can lead to them withholding the last secrets of their hearts. The trust will take a bit of time to come. Once it does though, this is usually a lifelong bond. Which is lucky, because nobody fights quite a scorpio either! These two match each other with the blows they throw when their passions are stoked. They soon realise that fighting is pointless because loving each other feels so much better! These two will forget quickly how it felt to be without each other, because being together just feels so right. 



The Scorpios are fixed. They may be stubborn and unyielding, but you can’t deny that Scorpios bring an intensity and determination to the table that sets them apart. When two Scorpios come together to share a common goal, they’ve got what it takes to reach the top of their mountain with ease. But if things should go south, their refusal to budge could mean an epic fight for control that ultimately sees both parties lose



Scorpios are Fixed Water signs. Water signs are naturally connected to each other, there love is ever flowing and runs deep like the ocean. However, just as a stone causes ripples in a pond, a spat between two Scorpios can quickly spiral into a maelstrom of intense emotion. It’s this watery combination of stubbornness and sensitivity which make them the vivacious beings they are – but also ones which can be difficult to handle when tensions rise. Be warned though; these battles will stop at nothing short of emotional exhaustion!


Are Scorpios compatible?

If a Scorpio meets their match in another Scorpio, they can unlock a world of understanding like no other! From the deepest of confidants to passionate romantics, these two intense astrological signs can bring out each other’s ambition and loyalty. And when it comes to commitment, if they choose to stay together, there’ll be no obstacle too great for them to conquer.