Scorpio and Sagittarius cOMPATIBILITY

Scorpio – Fixed Water and Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

These two signs are more than just friendly zodiac neighbours – a relationship between them can be the salve for a broken heart, a rollercoaster adventure for a first time fling, or a lifetime of love. This relationship ignites a passion in them both of these signs that they may have hidden so deeply within themselves that they forgot it was there at all. These two are very different, but that is not a bad thing. Sagittarius brings their positive vibes to the mix, with stories, humour and sustenance – while Scorpio can’t help but be drawn to their out-there energy. Sagittarians are not just party animals, or blindly enthusiastic. They believe in something bigger than the worst bits of the world that they are all too keenly aware of. In Scorpio, they find something deep and true. Scorpio, sees Sagittarius for who they really are, they see their wisdom, and the way they seek out real meaning through everything they do. These two can fight like cat and dog, but once they get it out of their system, they become inseparable lovers with an unrivalled affection for each other. Sagittarius can come on a bit strong, but this sign knows how to bring out Scorpio’s wild side in a way no one else can. Like two hungry explorers, Sagittarius and Scorpio dig deep in their quest to learn more about one another. From musical tastes to past relationships, the Archer will seek out an understanding of the other – while Scorpio unpacks each detail with a curiosity that defies expectation. What these two discover together is nothing short of magical – moments that make them feel alive, emboldened and free!



The two of them might find it difficult to navigate their connection at first. Scorpio is a fixed and an intensely passionate sign, eager to dive into a deep emotional commitment. The mutable Sagittarius, meanwhile, enjoys lighthearted fun and flirts with freedom – not exactly the same priorities as Scorpio!



Fire sign Sagittarius is a buzzing hive of optimism and enthusiasm, while the Scorpio is a deep water sign, brooding, and with intense emotions. In order for these two to truly get on the same page, they’ll need to weave tales of their pasts and present, crafting an understanding that only comes from deep meaningful conversations. But don’t worry – the effort will be worth it!


Are Scorpio and Sagittarius compatible?

Scorpio and Sagittarius may come from different worlds, but that is exactly what draws them together. These two find each other very intriguing and, if they can put the effort in to get past their differences, they can really make magic happen. With an explosive chemistry of love, lust, and deep conversations, this dynamic duo will never find themselves bored with each other!