Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio Fixed Water and Pisces Mutable Water

When Scorpio and Pisces cross paths they find an understanding that is like no other. These two water signs are very different, but they have a fundamental set of values and an emotional symmetry that makes their connection and chemistry undeniably powerful. There’s a knowing, an a deeply connected, dreamy spark. These two are destined for intense passion and a soul connection With such great potential between them, it’s no wonder they need to explore more. These two can easily get lost in each other and love each other for their depths and dark parts. However, there can be conflict and room for misunderstanding in this union too. These two match each other when it comes to their moods, they are both sensitive and deeply compassionate, but whereas Pisces is happy to go with the flow, Scorpio tends to have a pretty steady agenda. This can lead to differences of opinions, on how to go about things and also when it comes to expressing their feelings. Pisces can throw a strop and get over it in seconds, whereas Scorpio tends to brew and stew. Luckily though, no matter how much life throws at these two, they support each other through tantrums and vulnerable times with unmatched compassion and sensitivity. 



The fixed Scorpio offers stability, like a calm lake, whilst the mutable Pisces is more like a stream, ready to join and combine and go with the flow of their partners. Fixed and Mutable work very well together in this instance. The Fixed Scorpio will hold on tight while Mutable Pisces is adaptable and light, their shared emotional level will bring this pair very close together.



There’s a mystic connection between the two water signs Scorpios and Pisces that’s simply divine – one look in the eyes, a gentle feeling of chimes. They follow their hearts without thinking twice, creating and unbreakable bond. Just like water, where Scorpio leads, Pisces will follow – their shared desire for a deep togetherness will help unify them as one.


Are Pisces and Scorpio compatible?

Scorpio and Pisces make a remarkable pair. Though it is great in the bedroom, their connection transcends much more than just the physical. Passion and understanding intertwine as they both strive for a relationship of longevity. An understanding that is impervious to boundaries, one formed from an emotional depth rarely seen. This zodiac pair has what it takes to last forever.