Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn

There’s something magical about a Scorpio and Capricorn pair – with two driven individuals, the potential for a relationship filled with success is off the charts. Whether it be in business or in life, these two will have an incredible synergy; focused on their dreams, they’ll be able to combine forces and create a secure and prosperous future. Nothing stops this duo – they’ve got what it takes to make their ambitions reality! A Scorpio and Capricorn match can be far from perfect – prepare for epic battleswhen they disagree because these two are some of the most headstrong signs in the zodiac. Neither will back down from an argument or compromise their beliefs. That’s great when they are on the same page, but when they aren’t, it can feel like world war 3. Luckily then, these two also show each other moments of unbridled passion. Nobody stirs emotions in a Capricorn quite like a sensitive and passionate Scorpio can. These two find a worthy competitor in each other, and respect each other for who they are. They recognise the very different strengths that they both have, and if they can use these to their advantage and listen to each other with open hearts, they can make a relationship that goes the distance. There is nothing a Scorpio loves more than being understood, and wise Capricorn picks up on that and sees past any cold hard exterior that scorpio puts up. Scorpio is strong enough to hold it together for Capricorn too, and allow them to let themselves show a little tiny bit of the vulnerability they keep so well hidden from the rest of the world. This is truly madly deeply stuff, a heart-stopping love. It may sound like a wild ride, but never underestimate the power these two possess; driven by determination and intense devotion, this couple has what it takes to turn things around when you would least expect it and make it work! 



The fixed Scorpio makes them dedicated and committed, whilst a Capricorn is a Cardinal, making them an initiator and not willing to stay in a relationship that is going nowhere. When it comes to Scorpio and Capricorn, one thing’s for sure – this is about the long haul. With two signs that so deeply value commitment and loyalty, it’s no wonder why these two might find themselves in their fair share of arguments 


Scorpio is water, deep and mysterious; Capricorn is an Earth sign, grounding and steady. It is a winning combination and these two signs have what it takes to bring out the best in each other. The Earth sign loves to hold and protect the water, whilst the water sign feels safe and protected by the earth. With considered words and actions, this partnership could become something truly special – Despite both being naturally reserved, they have what it takes to make big statements in love.


Are Scorpio and Capricorn compatible?

The short answer is yes, though you would be forgiven for thinking it was never going to work! These two look at first glance like chalk and cheese. Really though, they are more similar than they may care to admit. They are both used to being the strong one, the one who others depend on. When they find each other then, they can match that strength and hold each other steady. These two stick together once they commit and will not be driven apart by anything trivial like distance or things in common. This is a spiritual bond.