Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

When two Sagittarians meet, they strike up a warmth with each other almost immediately. They tend to hit it off and feel like they have known each other forever. Either that or they think they are total raving egomaniacs… These two can’t help but be drawn to each other either way. They recognise that cheeky twinkle in each other’s eyes, and their sense of humour and optimism is multiplied tenfold when they get together. Yet something deeper may form between them as they dream up wild schemes and plots; For these adventurous spirits have one thing in common – an insatiable desire for more, to know more, to experience more, to be more! Their ruling planet Jupiter, blesses them with the faith to take opportunities and also seems to gift them an incredible amount of good fortune. When they get together, this is magnified and these two draw others towards them with their magnetic charisma, charm and happy outlook. There is more than their looks on the surface to these two though. The connection they are seeking is nothing less than a meeting of souls. They are searching for a spiritual experience that transcends the everyday and feels truly heaven sent. This is a union that was written in the stars. The only problem, is that Sagittarians are also notorious for putting their feet into their mouths, metaphorically speaking and are prone to losing their temper. These two are great fun, but they have big ego’s too, and sometimes there just isn’t enough room in one relationship for these larger than life characters. 



Sagittarians are mutable zodiac signs and know that life’s winding road is never still. Mutable signs understand that change comes to us all, no matter our will. They are flexible thinkers which can mean their minds could change at the drop of a hat.. On their bad days, it can be said they may seem wishy-washy and they are unlikely to want to talk deeply, yet deep inside of them is an urge to keep growing steadily.



Fire signs are naturally optimistic, and the mighty Sagittarius, the archers of the heavens above are full of fiery energy. These wild souls often find their connection through physical activity. These ambitious adventurers embark on thrilling missions with one another with no fear and full trust. Fire is naturally drawn to fire, so of course this match is highly combustible!


Are Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatible?

A union between two Sagittariuses can bring a lot of joy, laughter, and excitement. But if these two fire signs want to make it work beyond this initial spark of love, they must work together. It won’t always be easy, but this effort could ultimately lead to something beautiful and wonderful that fulfils them on a deeper level than they could find with other signs.