Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius – Mutable Fire and Aquarius Fixed Air

When these two signs meet, fireworks might as well go off! Sagittarius and Aquarius each bring something unique to this relationship and there is absolutely no chance of this match being boring. This is a whirlwind kind of romance – these two fall head over heels very quickly and make each other laugh more than anybody else. That doesn’t mean though, theat they always see eye to eye… When these two disagree things get fiery just as fast. Aquarius won’t let Sagittarius get away with any lack of care, and Sagittarius can feel under scrutiny and pressure from an Aquarian because they have never felt so truly seen. That can leave them a little vulnerable and when a Sag feels like that, sometimes they resort to blustering their way through it which winds an Aquarius up even more! For these two to work out over the long run they both need to, yep, you guessed it – compromise! Aquarius needs to stop being so ridiculously stubborn and take a leaf out of Sagittarius’s easy go lucky book, while Sagittarius can get a long way if they ccan just own their mistakes and apologise like they mean it!  As lovers though, these two are on another level. The fiery passions of Sagittarius make a great match for the airy creative genius of Aquarius and the two of them can talk all night. They just get each other on another level,and they also find each other hilarious which helps any tension that builds blow away blissfully quickly. Together, they form a team unbounded by rules or expectations. They have an innate understanding of one another and will always know where each other stands. There is plenty of room for adventure, freedom, and mutual respect in this pairing – as long as Sagittarius stays mindful not to make too many promises that they can’t keep and Aquarius can admit they might not always be 100 percent right, ALL the time!


The Mutable Sagittarius is emotionally liberated, with a generous spirit and an open mind. Whilst the Fixed Aquarius is patient, loyal and committed yet unpredictable and independent and always walking to their own beat. Together, they create a beautiful chaos that transcends expectations or rules – each has something the other doesn’t, meaning there’s plenty of room for exploration, adventure and understanding between them. It might be a bumpy road at times – but it’ll always be worth the ride!


Aquarius Air and fiery Sagittarius, certainly have what it takes for a relationship to thrive. When they come together, the wind will blow and the flames will ignite. Adventure awaits them no matter what direction they go in – imagine a world where big dreams take flight and are fueled by action! But don’t forget to feed the flame or else the wind may blow it out; despite a fading relationship, one single spark can bring it all back to life.

Are Aquarius and Sagittarius compatible?

Despite their differences, there’s something special between Sagittarius and Aquarius. Everything has its place – Aquarius brings being rooted in the here-and-now to the relationship while Sagittarius helps shake things up with a healthy dose of adventure and always looks for how these two can grow. As long as they keep the conversation flowing, who knows what may come from it? These two need to make sure to find some time for each other in between all of their journeys through the stars and they can stay solid for the long haul!