Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius – Fixed Air and Pisces Mutable Water

When Air ruled Aquarius combines with the water dwelling Pisces there is a meeting of two sides to the same coin. Pisces provides some much needed emotional insight to the rationally minded Aquarius, whilst Aquarius’ cool head allows Pisces to filter out what they need to worry about and what they can let go. These two can be a great pairing and they recognise their vulnerabilities within this relationship. There is something lovely about the compassion that these two share for each other, and for humanity as a whole. Nobody gets Pisces bleeding heart quite like an Aquraius with their non stop cerebral commitment to making the world a better place! This union will take these two to the edge in terms of their nerves though. There is something about their differences that makes them feel exposed for their own flaws. They see each other for their secret selves and though they usually support each other and offer love and help to overcome what they see as the problem, they often hit and miss the mark! The good news is, that even when these two wind each other up and disagree with each other, there tends to be a level of understanding and support between them that means they can laugh themselves back together again. They feel safe enough with each other to be honest. Aquarius helps Pisces see the lighter side to life when they are overwhelmed in their gloom. Pisces, helps Aquarius figure out how they feel – not just what they think. When these two aren’t working well though, Pisces starts to lose sight of themselves and Aquarius gets too bossy, or worse…. Bored. Just when you think it’s over though, don’t forget that Aquarius is surprisingly good at changing their mind, and Pisces has the depth and intrigue to take things down to another layer of interest. This is a mutually beneficial partnership that offers longevity and lots of love. These two need to make sure they give each other space when they need it though. 


Aquarius is a fixed sign. They are steady, and reliable and they tend to do well with routines. Pisces, is a mutable sign. They are flexible and adapt well to changes. It is worth noting though, that Aquarians are also ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion. They do not always play by the rules, even the ones they make themselves! And although Pisces can be flexible, they are not always about to play second fiddle to somebody elses agenda if it isn’t working for them. Mutable and fixed signs can work well together but they need to work out how to compromise and keep the balance fair. 



Pisces is ruled by water. They are in touch with their emotions, and ruled by their hearts. Pisces are fluid, and they can be both buoyant and supportive, or represent depths than Aquarius could drown in. Aquarians are ruled by the Air. They are rational thinkers that need clarity and reasons behind their decisions. They are also, impressively committed to their freedom. This is a partnership that can work, as long as Aquarius does not get their wings so wet that it prevents them from flying. Pisces also needs to be understood and handled with a little sensitivity, no matter how irrational they may appear!


Are Aquarius and Pisces Compatible?

Aquarius and pisces laugh together like a babbling brook. They bounce off each other like light glistening on a stream. Aquarius thinks big and Pisces is a deep dreamer. That is a rare and magnificent combination and these two in a relationship together can be incredible. There is also potential for enormous misunderstandings and the chance for these two to crash into each other as they rush in the opposite direction to one another! Both of these ultimately want the same thing, and that is for true and absolute love and for the world to be a better place. If they are both on the same page, they can certainly find it with each other and live a happy and extremely interesting life!