Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Libra – Cardinal Air and Pisces Mutable Water

A beautiful astrological match exists between Libra and Pisces. Romance and emotion are sure to flow between these two signs, thanks to their shared appreciation of music, beauty and taking care of the people they love. Pisces is compassionate, artistic and deeply sensitive to Libras needs. They are often inspired by Libra to make their wonderful dreams into a reality. Librans, are one of the only signs who proves themselves worthy of having the love of a Pisces, and who can appreciate them for who they are. That doesn’t mean though, that they don’t get a little irked by their tendency to be a little non committal though! The problem with these two is that they are both terrible for changing their minds. They think they know what they want, but they are both as bad as each other for wondering if the grass might be greener over there… Luckily then, the care they show to each other is second to none. Their shared love of romance will create magical moments that make this connection so special; an ideal date would be one that allows both signs to express themselves creatively and feel connected emotionally. While these two undoubtedly enjoy being in Love, setting boundaries is wise as it’s all too easy for them to lose their individual identity within such an intense relationship. They might be tempted to jump into a relationship quickly once they discover their mutual affection, but creating a connection that lasts takes time and effort. As these two signs explore each other’s depths, they can build an intimate bond fueled by emotional understanding and empathy that’s truly out of this world.


Pisces, the mutable sign, is known for adaptability and willingness to listen and accommodate their partner’s needs. On the other hand, Libra is a cardinal sign and can be counted on to throw out original ideas. When these two come together, communication and compromise are key for a lasting relationship.



Pisces is Mutable Water sign and Libra is a Cardinal Air sign. They may be two very distinct elements, but it’s their differences which make them so likeable to one another. Air signs bring intellect and insight whilst a water sign brings depth and intuition, bringing the airy Libra down to earth and into their deeper feelings. Their connection can create an oasis of bliss. A relationship between these two Signs can soar high in the sky if they keep this understanding alive – they’ll leave all other love behind!


Are Libra and Pisces compatible?

These two are a wonderful match and often fall deeply and quickly in love. For this to work out over the longer term, they may need to keep the balance of their own separate interests and some healthy boundaries. These two tend to jump in with both feet and can find themselves totally lost in their own romantic world. That is great when they are getting on, but when they wind each other up the wrong way, they need to be able to come up for air and remember who they are individually.