Libra and Libra Compatibility

Libra and Libra – Cardinal Air

Imagine two gentlemen (or well mannered persons of any gender!) arriving at a door together. Both of them want to allow the other to step through first, whilst they graciously step back, extending their supportive arm to hold open the passage for their friend and companion. “You go first” says the first. “No no, I insist!” replies the second. This standoff could last forever. Both parties are determined to be the most helpful and the one to take the right action. This is much like the relationship between two Librans. But far from being the recipe for a boring and predictable union, these similarities can cause all kinds of kerfuffles! Librans need to feel like they have done good. Many of them struggle to realise just how wonderful they are. They may look confident, but often, they are wobbling and indecisive wrecks somewhere on the inside! Being able to see all sides of an argument is exhausting enough on any day, but when partnered up with somebody who is just like them, it can lead to things going round and round in circles. Having said that, there is no person better placed to understand a Librans inner desires, their most private of emotions, their true selves, than a fellow Libran. These two probably find a meeting of minds and wonderful connection that can outlast any nonsense arguments about whose idea it was or who should go first. Which is just as well!



Librans are Cardinal. They initiate changes and take action. Those born under the sign of Libra carry within them the power to start something new and make things happen. This is a formidable combination, for when one is willing to take action, great things can come of it! (As long as they can actually come to a decision about something…)



Librans are ruled by the Air. But though they can get a little flighty, their wit and good humour is second to none. They are smart and shrewd. This is a meeting of minds as well as hearts. 


Is Libra and Libra compatible?

A relationship between two Libran’s is a beautiful thing. This is an opportunity for both to have real and lasting happiness, and a sense of peace from being totally understood, no matter how much they bicker! These two are not just happy to walk off into the sunset, they will set the world alight with their brilliant ideas and non stop upstarts. They can’t help but set tongues wagging and they love a good healthy debate too – which means they have plenty of chances for making up again!