Libra and Capricorn compatibility

Libra and Capricorn

For a  Libra-Capricorn union to work out, these two need to balance out their need for control. The Venus-governed Libra holds the sacred art of partnership to their heart. Capricorns, are as ambitious in love as they are in life, and the unwavering dedication to career and success that can sometimes stand in the way of their love life, can also be applied to this relationship. Libra inspires Capricorn towards a different kind of life, one with a little less work and more love and play. Libra, is encouraged by Capricorn to turn their brilliant ideas into a more tangible reality. This is a great and powerful couple who can go the distance, as long as they each learn to give up a little bit of their need to always be in charge. It’s a unique tug-of-war between Capricorn and Libra, with Saturn on one side and Venus on the other. One working diligently towards the tried-and-true path of the past, while the other urges for harmony and peace amongst all. Libra wants to spend time enjoying the fruits of Capricorn’s labour. In an argument, Libra meets their match with a Capricorn, which is very attractive. Nobody, not even Libra, wants to win all the time! These two have enough differences to keep things interesting over the longer term, as long as they let those differences push them together to team up, rather than driving them apart.



Both Libra and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, when they come together, it can be a tricky union to navigate. It’s the strong energy of collaboration in search of a common goal. Both parties are likely to be headstrong and ambitious, but their passion for life may lead them towards or away from one another. Like a yin-yang of action and reaction, these two could stand strong united, or could clash like wildfire if not mindful of the other’s feelings. If both parties commit to compromise and compromise well, such a relationship can surely succeed!



Libra is a Cardinal Air and Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth. Air people look for a foundation in their Earth partners, while those who swing between the celestial and the terrestrial seek out stimulation from those born in the sky. Perfection isn’t always achieved but with time and patience it can be – storms come and go but with a bit of perseverance no bond can quite compare to a connection formed between this pair. Challenges may arise due to their inherent differences but for those who are brave enough to stick with it, immense rewards will come in the form of a relationship where sky and soil are brought together in perfect harmony.


Are Libra and Capricorn compatible?

This is a relationship that can be a wonderful opportunity for both of these signs to live their life to the fullest, but it will require a bit of patience. These two can debate harder than any other signs and whilst they often talk themselves out of love, they can just as easily persuade themselves back in! This is a relationship that will require some effort on both parts, but the rewards that come, will be well worth the investment.