Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo 

Leo and Virgo live next door to each other on the Zodiac, but they couldn’t be more different neighbours. Leo wants to jump in and show off and Virgo wants to sit back and think about things. For this to work these two need to remember that they love the way their partner is so opposite to them, when the novelty wears off. Leo is good for Virgo. Virgo’s are good for just about everybody! Leo wants to shower their partner with grand displays and gestures of their love, and Virgo can think of nothing worse than being the centre of attention and being made a fuss of! Virgo secretly wants nothing more than to know how appreciated they really are, and Leo as a lover makes sure they never forget. But they demand a lot of affection and attention for themselves too. Virgo doesn’t usually do big overt fireworks, but their attention to details and thoughtfulness is second to none. They know exactly what makes their Leo tick, and deliver it every single time. They nurture and teach Leo to live a life that fulfils their desires but also offers balance and helps to keep bold and brilliant Leo grounded. This relationship can really bring out the best in both of these signs, as long as they take the time to attune with each other and decide where they are going together. 



Virgo is Mutable and Leo is fixed. Leo decides and takes charge and Virgo goes along. Does this mean that Virgo is powerless in this relationship? Not at all! Even though Leo might take charge of things, Virgo keeps an eye on how decisions play out and can bring in creative solutions that turn even the most rigid plans into something surprisingly malleable.  Leo may be the head, but clever Virgo is the neck, and they can turn the head any way they want! 



Virgo is an Earth sign. They exude a calming and renewing energy on all who they encounter. That is a real blessing for fire sign Leo. Think of how calming lying on cool grass in the shade is on a hot day. When Leo loses their head, Virgo can calm them down. And there is no better way to dry out a bogged down Virgo than with a healthy dose of Leo sunshine!


Are Leo and Virgo compatible?

These two are a really great match once they figure out how to make things work past their different outlooks. These two have more in common the longer they get to know each other. Though they can really annoy each other with their different opinions on how things should be done, thats part of what keeps the fire burning.