Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio

These two signs are the most loyal and committed signs in the Zodiac. There is an undeniable chemistry. That is because opposites really do attract. Where Leo is hot, Scorpio plays it cool. When Leo puts on a superficial show and focuses on grand appearances, Scorpio demands  they go deeper and get to the nitty gritty. These two have much to learn from each other in a partnership. They are both incredibly well suited to a long and committed relationship with one another, but there will always be some drama in the situation. For all Scorpios tend to make it look like they are calm and collected, like a powerful iceberg, there is much below the surface. Scorpio can’t help but demand the truth, and they peel back the layers of a Leo’s technicolour coat of bravado until they see them for who they truly are. That allows both of these two to be vulnerable with one another, and to build a relationship on mutual trust. That is the real key to success, and it’s what keeps these two coming back for more. There may be real fireworks and even harsh words spoken when these two fight, but their love and respect for each other is integral. They recognise a worthy ally and opponent when they see one and they both usually recognise they have met their match. 



Both of these signs are fixed. They may feel at times that they are pulling in different directions.

a tug-of-war between staying in and going out that requires compromise on both sides. The trick is finding common ground and understanding each other’s needs, or at least coming up with a fair process for resolving disagreements. Without it, this relationship won’t be able to move forward. But if these two can communicate openly with respect for each other’s views, magical things can happen: the warmth of the fire sign melting away Scorpio’s hesitance; the Scorpion learning to let go and enjoy life more; and together navigating moments of turbulence with grace and harmony. With that combination of loyalty, passion, and trust, anything is possible!



Scorpio is a fixed water sign and those born under this zodiac sign are ruled by their emotions. Leo is a fixed fire sign. They have a strong sense of self and a tremendous amount of willpower. Two opposing forces. Scorpio is like a glacial mountain, unyielding and unmoving; while Leo is the sun, its unwavering heat slowly melting away the Scorpio’s icy exterior. It’s a delicate balance; too much of Leo’s warmth could overheat and boil things over, whilst too much of Scorpio’s stillness could chill them to the core. But with the right amount of passion, understanding and trust, this connection has the potential to create some truly magical moments. Both will blossom under each other’s influence; Scorpio learning how to let go and enjoy life more, while still managing their emotions in check; and Leo being reminded of the power of loyalty and true commitment. A beautiful combination that can bring out the best in both!


Are Leo and Scorpio compatible?

It would be easy to think that these two were absolutely made for each other. That is, until they fall out! Things get pretty dramatic and even vengeful when things go wrong, but the love is intense and truer than true. This relationship is like an underwater volcano. It is beautiful, powerful and hot. It is also a little bit dangerous and rarely just fizzles out!