Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Leo and Pisces

These two have a sweet connection that brings out the fun side in each of them. They inspire each other to be better, more loving and kinder. They see deep into each other’s souls and nurture each other’s creative spark. Nothing gives either Leo or Pisces more pleasure than their partner succeeding and living their dreams. This relationship has a magic to it that outlasts any honeymoon phase. Practically though, these guys are not always on the same page! Leo may get fed up with Pisces wishy washy approach to commitment and in turn, Leo’s fiery temper can unsettle sensitive Pisces. These two need a bit of space to stop themselves getting overwhelming for each other, but they’re not always good at recognising that before it’s too late and they have fallen out! Luckily though, the love between them is usually strong enough for these two to come back through fighting as a couple. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger and they are always able to laugh together no matter how hurt their feelings or pride! This is a relationship that promises a good time and plenty of passion bubbling through. Leo reminds Pisces to take things less seriously and Pisces is a great listener which makes Leo feel special and adored. 



When both a Leo and a Pisces come together, they make an undeniably powerful couple. After all, it is not a surprise that fixed Leo provides the necessary stability to counterbalance the moody and changeable nature of Mutable Pisces. With the go with the flow attitude of the latter combined with the unwavering dedication of the former, theirs can be a strong relationship to have. It’s true that this combo can cause them to become quite comfortable in their routines, sometimes not being brave enough to venture further out into new territories. But this doesn’t have to be so! Leo’s confidence should be able to help draw out Pisces’ creativity and insight so that grand plans can actually come into fruition. That way, neither will feel like they are missing out on any adventure or thrilling experiences.




The Fixed Fire sign Leo has their hot headedness cooled by Mutable Water ruled Pisces. Leo can help dry any tears from Pisces and helps to warm them back up when they feel the world has gotten a little overwhelming.Too much fire however and the water dissipates quickly – and too much water will put out even the brightest flame. But if Fire and Water find balance, there’s no stopping them. The Fire takes control, pushing gently against the adaptable Water sign, who happily allows themselves to be guided into bubbly excitement. It may not seem like an obvious match-up by traditional standards, but when it works it’s truly something special. Together they create an unbeatable combination – one that will continue to sizzle long into the future.



Are Leo and Pisces compatible?

These two are very compatible, and have a cosy and warm relationship that makes people wish they were part of their club. This is a meeting of two magical and creative spirits. This won’t be a relationship without disagreement or upset – Pisces can match Leo when it comes to melodramatics! With a little work, and a sprinkle of space and faith, this can be a really great and long lasting love.