Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo and Libra

There is something very sweet about these two signs when they meet. Both are eager to please, and very attentive and romantic partners. Leo wants to be adored and Libra is happy to oblige – they both recognise their best qualities and sing them out across the roof tops. When things get tough these two are a partnership to be reckoned with, as long as they can remain on the same team. When these two fight, Libra tends to get picked on by headstrong and fiery Leo. Libran’s may be notorious for being a little bit indecisive, but once they set their hearts on a Leo they make this relationship go from strength to strength. They don’t always look like it, but they are the leader of the pack in this duo. These two have their own secret language as a couple – they become a little bit obsessed with each other. What comes from being totally immersed in each others lives and business? Well, sometimes it can lead to a bit of taking each other for granted. But when they are on good form, these two are best buddies. They laugh together and make each other smile no matter what is thrown at them. This pairing can be the foundation of a honeymoon that lasts the distance.



Libra is a Cardinal sign and they like to try and call the shots. Meanwhile, the fixed Leo stands strong and immovable, a pillar of strength with unwavering convictions. It’s this decisive combination that makes for a powerful partnership – two sides of the same coin working together in perfect harmony, or roiling the seas with opposing views.

Leo provides stability and direction while Libra tempers those strong willed stances with their creative and inquisitive nature. As individuals they may struggle to reach an agreement, but together they can form a dynamic duo that’s capable of moving mountains. Whether they take on the challenge in unison or engage in some healthy debate, these two have what it takes to make great things happen!




Leo is a fire sign whereas Libra is ruled by Air. That creates a lot of flames! This is a passionate union, and fire and air make a wonderful combination, the fire giving power to air and the air blowing the fire into a blaze. Sparks fly in good times and bad – there are moments of great tension and brilliant explosive points of release. This is a relationship filled with happiness and high jinks. It’s a connection of two extremes, sweltering in its intensity and crackling with electricity. They attract each other like moths to a flame, creating an atmosphere of brilliant highs and spellbinding lows.

This partnership may be unpredictable but it promises plenty of sparks – days filled with explosive arguments that draw out the best (and sometimes worst) qualities in both. On the flip side there are peaceful evenings beneath the stars, as well as hours spent laughing until tears run down their cheeks. Either way, it’s sure to be a relationship to remember!


Are Leo and Libra compatible?

Absolutely. These two hit it off and keep on reaching higher heights. When they fall in love, they fall hard and lead each other by the hand off into the sunset. Don’t be fooled that there aren’t some good dramatic debates along the way though.. Libra can play devil’s advocate as well as a Leo likes to storm off in a huff! These two like to fall out so they can make up again!