Leo and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Leo

These two are social creatures who love nothing more than being the life and soul of every party. As extroverted and exciting as they seem though, they also both have an appreciation of time spent separately. They know that it is necessary to flex their independence and take time to remind themselves of how capable and heroic they are. And they are heroic. Leo’s have a way of bringing home the dinner and feeding all the family, of protecting their loved ones with an unrivalled ferocity, and a need to be recognised for these wonderful qualities. There really is only room for one head of the pride at one time though. Two Lions together can lead to competition. Fortunately, if these two can look past their pride and take turns to be the one on top, they have the chance to make a great and lasting relationship. But they will need to remember to put aside their need to feel like the leader and be pampered by their partner to avoid things getting tense. Leo’s are warm and happy characters. They can also be headstrong and whilst they are optimistic, they tend to be a little bit on the dramatic side. This means that when they fall out with each other, they really roar it from the roof tops! Is it any wonder then, that people are surprised to see them rolling around and laughing like nothing happened again soon after? This is a couple who fight as hard as they feel affection for each other. They make generous and incredible lovers and partners. After all, Leo is the sign that rules the heart.  They can live a long and happy life because they are unbelievably loyal. They tend to bring out each other’s creative side too (as long as they can stop competing long enough to focus on their efforts!)



Leo’s Fixed energy is a reliable force that keeps this romantic pairing firmly united – regardless of what life throws at them. They will be devoted to the very end, and won’t tolerate anything short of genuine harmony in the relationship. A pair of fixed signs show unwavering loyalty and admirable nobility, they demand only the best from their chosen partner. This kind of commitment isn’t taken lightly by either side, so it requires hard work from both parties to make sure expectations are met and surpassed. Leos will provide an abundance of passion and love – when these two are all-in for each other, nothing can stand between them. However, both being fixed, they are both stubbornly attached to ‘their way’ and it will be a challenge to meet in the middle if they disagree on something



Leo is a fire sign. Double the trouble with this duo. There will be plenty of passion and they will fall in and out with each other faster than a blow torch. Despite all this drama, there is something oddly satisfying about the surprise and adventure that accompanies these types of unions. the fire sign’s eternal optimism will keep them coming back for more – as they appreciate the intensity of connection this type of relationship brings!


Are Leo and Leo Compatible?

Of course! Imagine being in a relationship with your best friend. That is what it feels like for two Leo’s in a relationship, but with the zest of sexual chemistry too.  Leo’s might appear to know it all – always looking confidently dressed and well-read. But they find relief in the company of those closest to them, who know their true nature and vulnerability That’s why Leos will cherish each other, with no pretence required. This is a spicey couple who have fun together, laugh together, fall out dramatically and then fall straight back in love.. Most importantly though, they stick up for each other no matter what.